Best Gifts for New Moms that are Useful, Unique or Meaningful

What are the Best Gifts for New Moms?

While gifts are always appreciated, they’re particularly valued when you’re a new mom!

I remember when I became a new mom, life was chaotic! There was hardly time to do simple things like eating and sleeping.

The gifts people sent – they helped me physically and mentally through stressful days. They made life easier and warmed my heart. I will remember these acts and the people who did them for the rest of my life.

What do you get a new mother after birth?

Whether the new mom in your life is in the hospital having just given birth, it’s Mother’s Day, it’s her birthday, it’s Christmas or another special occasion…

Here are the best gifts I received and/or other new moms loved! It’s what new moms would buy for themselves!

I’ve broken them down into 4 categories:

  • Top Gifts: My personal favorites – the 3 gifts I loved the most when I became a new mom
  • Useful Gifts: These are the practical gifts that save time or money, or provide knowledge new moms need to tackle their new realities. I’ve also included useful baby product gifts.
  • Unique Gifts: The gifts you might not see on a new mom gift list because they’re a little bit different and might not appeal to all moms.
  • Sentimental Gifts: The thoughtful and meaningful gifts new moms will cherish! It’ll allow her to capture and look back on the memories of her little one for years to come.
  • Pampering Gifts: Gifts to put in a new mom care package to give them the self-care they deserve!

What is THE BEST gift for a new mom?

While I’ve included my favorites, it ultimately depends on the mom and her preferences and style.

You know this new mom best and what she needs. Use the category that you think applies best to this mom. For example, if she’s the type of mom who has everything, you might want to focus on the list of unique gifts. If she’s a practical mom, focus on the useful gifts.

If you’re curious, read all of the categories. It might give you some new ideas or inspiration for your new mom gift!

Best New Mom Gifts

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33 New Mom Gifts

Top Gifts for New Moms

1. Instant Pot



2. Instant Pot Accessories

If the new mom in your life already has an Instant Pot, Instant Pot accessories are the next best gift! Here are some of my favorites:

Extra cooking pot: There’s the original stainless steel version and more recently, a non-stick version for sauces, soups, chili, rice cooking, slow cooking etc. I love how the non-stick makes for easier clean-up!

The extra cooking pot comes in handy if your Instant Pot is in the dishwasher or you’re cooking a different recipe and don’t have time to clean between recipes. Just make sure you check in advance if she has a 3 quart, 6 quart or 8 quart.

Extra Sealing Rings

If you’ve made both savory dinners and sweet desserts in the Instant Pot, you know how the smell and flavor can stay on the sealing ring and possibly transfer to your other recipe! I love curry dishes, but I hate it when you make cheesecake with an unintended hint of curry.

While you can wash it out and wait for it to dry, it’s infinitely easier to just get extra sealing rings and switch them out. You can designate one ring for savory dishes and the other ring for sweet dishes.

Instant Pot Accessories Bundle

As an Instant Pot fan, this Instant Pot accessories bundle is exciting! I’ve gotten pieces of this bundle as separate gifts. It probably would have been cheaper to get this bundle instead!

3. Gift Cards

Raising a baby is expensive. There’s only so much you can do to save money on baby expenses. This is why gift cards were some of our favorite gifts!

If you give the new mom an Amazon gift card, she can spend it on a wide variety of essentials like food and diapers!

She could also spend it on an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime has 2 great benefits: free 2 day shipping and free access to movies, TV shows, music and books.

New moms no longer have to worry about running out to the store to get diapers! They can cancel their other movie, music and book subscription services. They can also get 20% off diapers and baby food when they have more than 5 subscriptions.

Useful New Mom Gifts

4. Vacuuming Help

House cleaning is often at the bottom of the priority list for new moms. If you can help with house cleaning, especially in the first few months, new moms will be thankful.

You could also get new moms house cleaning gifts that will make a larger, long-term impact. Gifts that help her clean more efficiently and effectively.

Here are 2 tools I could not live without in my vacuuming routine:

1. Robot Vacuum

I used to HATE vacuuming.

When I found out about the robot vacuum, it was a game changer in our house! The idea of a robot doing the vacuuming for you – it seems too good to be true. I can tell you – it works! I’ve used it on carpets, tiles and hardwood. It also knows to avoid stairs. It’s a unique gift for a new mom.

However, sometimes it misses spots and cleans the same areas multiple times. It also occasionally gets stuck on something and you have to reposition it. It also doesn’t always pick up all of the cat hair.

2. Cordless Vacuum

If you don’t have pets, this robot vacuum will probably be perfect. If you do have pets, you might be better off with a cordless vacuum.

I have one of these as well. It’s quite high in price, but it’s made my life so much easier. Now I can just pick up the vacuum and quickly clean up places the robot vacuum won’t clean well like the:

  • Stairs
  • Corners
  • Walls
  • Areas our cats frequently sleep and lounge in

Between these 2 products, my relationship with vacuuming has completely changed. I now almost enjoy vacuuming.

5. Meals

When you’re a new mom, you’re weak. There’s hardly enough time to make food, let alone eat it.

That’s why giving the gift of meals is great.

If giving meals is inconvenient, you can just put together a food basket with fruits, nuts, granola bars and other easy snacks on the go.

energy bars. When I was starving after breastfeeding in between meals, these protein bars hit the spot!

Another snack I often ate at this time were almonds.

I love that almonds are healthy and help you stay full.

6. Water Bottle

7. Keurig and K-Cups

While a new breastfeeding mom might not want to have caffeinated beverages, she might still want to have a cup of decaf coffee or herbal tea first thing in the morning.

  to help save her time

  so she can fill them with the grounds and tea leaves she prefers.

8. Coconut water

If the new mom prefers to drink something other than water, you can gift her coconut water.

Coconut water is especially good for lactating moms. It promotes breast milk secretion, proper bone and brain development in your baby, and helps to protect your baby from harmful infections.

Most coconut water tastes disgusting. Zico Coconut water actually tastes like what you would get from a fresh coconut.

It only has one ingredient: coconut water – there’s no added sugar. It’s naturally fat, gluten, and cholesterol-free. It surprisingly has as much potassium as a banana per bottle.

9. Wireless Earbuds

If the new mom has an Apple phone, she’ll love AirPods! It’s quite expensive, but it’s entirely worth the money!

New moms are constantly on their phone looking up baby-related challenges online, talking to family and friends, listening to podcasts etc.

Having earbuds is a must because you never want to wake a sleeping baby. However, the earbud cords are a nuisance to work around when you’re feeding a child, folding laundry etc.

AirPods make it easy to do many functions on your phone by just tapping your earbuds. You can make phone calls, listen to music, and even ask Siri questions. There’s no wait time for pairing. One charge gets you several hours of use!

They’re comfortable and stay put even if you’re chasing your kid around the house!

10. Audible Membership

New moms want to stimulate their mind, not have “mommy brain”, and keep up with their book reading.

I love the Audible membership! While it can be difficult to sit down and read a book because you’re busy taking care of the baby, you can listen to audio books while changing diapers and other baby-related tasks.

An Audible membership includes 3 free titles per month and 30% off any additional books. She’ll own these books forever. If she already has an Audible membership, you can add to her credits so she doesn’t have to pay for a few months of membership.

A membership allows her to select the books she actually wants to read, which might include these 3 books…

I should mention – all of these books are not your typical new mom books like What to Expect the First Year. There’s nothing wrong with What to Expect the First Year.

As a new mom and talking to other new moms, there are 3 topics that often become major challenges in the first year, but are not as widely and deeply discussed in advance. These books discuss these important topics…

11. Mindfulness Book

When you’re a new mom, you’re constantly busy and juggling tasks.

I don’t know how many times I spoke to moms about how there’s no time to do anything.

How they feel like they’re going through the motions every day and running on empty. How they’re close to burning out, which they know is not good for themselves or their family, but they just don’t know how to stop the vicious cycle.

I was one of those moms. It’s only now that I’m learning the importance of self-care and being mindful for my own well-being and to become a better mother.

In this book, the author discusses 60+ ways to be mindful and present. She offers realistic and practical methods for busy moms.

12. Sleep Book

When my daughter was born, I attended a new mom group that met every Thursday.

The recurring topic was sleep. It was discussed more frequently and deeply than any other topic. EVERY mom talked about it. How can I get more sleep? Should I sleep train my baby? What sleep training options are available?

Most moms I know including myself were reactive. Our babies weren’t sleeping well so we asked other moms about their best practices and looked up information online.

Some of us were able to solve the problem. Some of us are still working on it years later (me!).

Getting a sleep training book as a gift for a new mom might seem awkward and presumptuous. It’s a topic I wish I had a more intentionally planned for, especially because it’s difficult to undo your child’s sleep habits the older they get.

You spend so much of your days getting things for the baby and breastfeeding etc. If I had known what I know now, I would have spent more time as a new mom looking at a book like this sleep book.

Here’s another topic I wish I had looked into more…

13. Relationship After Kids Book

When I became a new mom, I didn’t put a lot of thought into the topic of how to manage the relationship with my husband. This was a mistake.

When my daughter was born, we just went with the flow. As I was on maternity leave, I took on most of the household chores and baby duties. When my husband would come home from work, I would cook and clean while he looked after the baby.

We were both overworked, exhausted and feeling neglected by each other.

In hindsight, we should have anticipated these new realities and put systems in place to make more time for ourselves. We should have prioritized our relationship.

This is why I wish someone had introduced us to a relationship book like this one earlier.

It might not seem like an appropriate gift for a new mom and the title might be off-putting, but it deals with challenges new moms should think about sooner rather than later.

In this book, the author explores how to work together with your partner to have a successful marriage with kids.

Topics addressed include dividing chores, raising children and sex. It includes the latest research about relationships, information from couples’ therapists and her own experiences.

Some of the perspectives and situations are a bit extreme and harsh. I could see this type of book being given by a close friend or from a husband to a wife (to be read by both people so there’s more awareness and discussion).

14. Babysitting Services

Babysitting services are a great gift! New moms need time for themselves and date nights with their spouse.

You can provide babysitting services yourself or offer to pay for professional babysitting services.

The only issue with offering babysitting services is…

As a new mom, relatives would often say they would gladly offer babysitting services, but I always felt it was a burden to ask.

If the new mom is like me, I recommend you also get her an accompanying gift.

For example, you can get her 2 tickets to a play and offer to watch her little one on the night of the event. That way she doesn’t have to ask – in fact, she has no choice but to accept the babysitting services and go out and have a fun night!

15. Diapers and Wipes

Diapers and wipes can be one of the biggest expenses. We were incredibly grateful to receive many boxes of both in the first few months my daughter was born.

If you’re considering buying diapers and wipes, make sure you know which diapers and wipes the little one uses.


Every baby is different. Some babies use primarily cloth or disposable diapers (or have a specific brand of disposable diaper that fit best). Find out from the new parents which diapers and wipes they use so they don’t have to do any returns or exchanges.

16. Other Baby Essentials

There are undoubtedly many baby products on your new mom’s shopping list.

Check out if she has an or  and has products listed.

Here’s my baby essentials list. It’s applicable for the first 3 to 6 months.

In that list, here are 4 of the best baby essentials that are perfect as gifts for new moms:

1. : They’re incredibly versatile




3. 2-way zipper pajamas: Zipper pajamas are convenient for getting the baby quickly in and out of their clothes.

BUT 2-way zipper pajamas are even better because you don’t have to zip from the top down to do diaper changes.

You can just zip from the bottom up. These pajamas also have built in mittens to prevent face scratching AND footies with grip for when your little one learns to walk.

This is something I regret not getting because this would have been particularly handy at night or when it’s slightly chilly in the baby’s room.

One thing – it’s a bit on the expensive side, which is why it’s perfect as a new mom gift! You might feel like it’s a splurge purchasing it for yourself, but you’re super grateful when you get it!

4. Bouncer chair: This chair is good value for its lifespan.

It’s average price for bouncer chairs and you can use it immediately up until the baby is 40 lbs. It configures as both a rocker and a stationary chair (immovable with a kickstand).

I like how there are hanging toys that are low enough for a baby to touch. The toy bar is easily removable for naps.

There is a vibration feature, but our baby didn’t like that feature so we never used it.

The chair is portable. We kept ours in the bathroom because we wanted to have a place in the bathroom where we could safely put the baby down. I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to brush my teeth or take a shower without this chair!

If you’re looking beyond 6 months, here’s my 6 month baby must haves list.

If you want to get a gift that’s further into the future (likely something the new mom won’t get until her little’s one first birthday), here are my 1 year old must haves.

The benefit of going with the older baby essentials is that it’s highly likely the new mom doesn’t have these yet.

17. Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding can be incredibly painful and challenging for new moms.

my recommendations for

Within this list, my favorite breastfeeding product is a:

Breastfeeding pillow: In the first 3 months of baby’s birth, I used this breastfeeding pillow with every feeding. This nursing pillow is so comfortable and easy to position to get the perfect latch.

With my baby getting bigger, this nursing pillow comfortably supported my upper body and relieved my pain.

There is even a small pocket in the front that I used for spit-up cloths and to store the vitamin D supplement. I have a boppy pillow as well, but it just didn’t provide the support necessary for nursing.

Unique Gifts for New Moms

18. Mom Coloring Book

Creative new or expecting moms will like this fun 32 page, coloring book. Add some coloring markers or coloring pencils and it’s a complete gift!

This book is a great way to relax and do something for yourself you can keep and call your own.

A couple of things…

  • The content is mostly geared towards moms with young children – babies and toddlers. If the mom in your life has older kids, she might not be as engaged in it.
  • There are a few pages about drinking wine to deal with your struggles so if the new mom isn’t a wine drinker, this book might not be the right fit.
  • There is a page that says “Welcome to your new vajayjay”, which doesn’t apply to moms who had a c-section. There’s also a page with swearing. This is as crude as it gets. You can always cut these pages out if it’s not your cup of tea.

19. Baby and Mommy Class

If the new mom is active, she might like to try baby and mommy classes in town.

On my maternity leave, I came across mom and baby fitness classes for swimming, yoga and walking (with a stroller). There were also classes for sleeping and baby education as well as organized mom meetups.

If you anticipate the new mom using the community center for classes, you could get a gift certificate to the local community center.

You could also just tell her what you’re thinking – that you want to get an experience gift for her and her little one – so you can get the exact gift that works for her preference and lifestyle.

20. Fun Sleep Book

This is not a children’s bed time story. It doesn’t match everyone’s sense of humor. It’s relatively short – 32 pages with some text and mostly illustrations.

That said, this fun sleep book is a comforting and relatable read, especially after a few nights of frustrating exhaustion.

It’s a #1 New York Times Best Seller and Reader’s Digest noted it in the “25 Funniest Books of All Time”.

Sentimental New Mom Gifts

21. Baby Hand Print Kit

This baby hand print kit is so adorable! It contains:

  • Hand-painted wood with a 100% real glass outer frame
  • 4 options for the interior frame divider: white, cream, blue and pink
  • 3 packs of clay and a sealed clay backboard
  • Mini rolling pin

There is no exposed wood so it’s mold free. You can even use this on pets! There’s also a lifetime warranty.

This kit is best for new moms who are patient and detail-oriented. The clay dries super fast so she has to be able to take her time with the process, clean the table she does it on, and read the instructions (and watch the video).

It’s also best for new moms with young babies. The older the baby gets, the more tricky it is to get the little one to cooperate and get the print you want.

If the new mom is a bit of a perfectionist, she might not be happy with this gift. When the clay dries, there might be a few minor cracks. If that happens, she can always contact the company. They seem to be pretty good with sending people extra clay to fill in the cracks.

22. Baby Letters Book

This Letters to my Baby book contains 12 letters (with envelopes and stickers to seal) you can fill out to give to your child in the future.

Each letter contains a topic:

  • My wishes for you are…
  • What I want you to know about me…
  • The world I want to give you is…
  • One really special thing about you is…
  • On the day you were born…
  • Your first home was like this…
  • This is your idea of a good time…
  • I laugh when you…
  • My first impressions of you were…
  • All the things I hope you’ll try someday…

There are 2 letters at the end that you can write about whatever you like!

Some things to be aware of:

  • Some of the topic prompts overlap like for example “My wishes for you are” somewhat overlaps with “All the things I hope you’ll try someday”
  • It’s difficult to write when you get to the middle of the page, but you can put a book under the page to keep it flat and easier to write on.

All in all, it’s a lovely keepsake for the sentimental moms in your life!

23. Modern Baby Book

While there’s nothing wrong with the pink and blue baby books filled with fun animals and cupcakes (I have one myself!), this modern baby book is classic!

It’s gender-neutral and has a linen cover! There are long sections covering pregnancy all the way up to age 5! The emphasis is not so much on the pregnancy (like details about your first to third trimesters), but more so about your baby’s first year and beyond.

A forewarning: This book is very detailed with even pages for other people to give their accounts about the birth story. If you’re looking for a more straightforward and colorful book, you should check out this baby book instead.

If you think the new mom will want something that’s more customizable, you could get her the classic Moleskine journal. The pages can be lined, dotted, squared or blank.

That way the new mom is not restricted to just writing about what the pregnancy journal prompts her to write. She’s also not restricted about how much she wants to write about a certain topic.

If she’s artistic and wants to draw pictures, I recommend getting her the one with blank pages.

If you have time to go the extra mile, you can insert a letter in the journal with encouraging words and useful advice. New moms who are sentimental would love that!

24. Good Camera

If this new mom doesn’t have the best phone on her camera and you’re able to spend more on this gift, a phone with a good camera (like the iPhone 8) or a professional camera are excellent gifts. She’ll be able to capture every cute moment and milestone and look back on these photos throughout the years.

When my daughter was born, I didn’t have the best camera equipment available. I took lots of photos, but they often turned out dark or unclear.

Currently, I have the iPhone 8 and the camera feature is great! I’m snapping photos of my little one everyday. I have huge regrets about not getting access to a better camera earlier.

25. Photo Shoot

On a similar vein…

Newborn photo shoots can cost hundreds and feel like a financial burden, which is why it’s an excellent gift for new moms.

We got this as a gift. The precious photos you get and the memories of the day – these are things we will treasure forever.

One tip: As each professional photographer has a unique style and package, ask the new mom to book one she likes and give her the budget you’re willing to contribute.

Alternatively, you can help a new mom take photos yourself if you have an excellent camera.

26. Digital Storage

New moms will have a tonne of pictures and videos of their little one. While there’s unlimited storage available in the cloud (e.g. Google Docs), they might not feel comfortable solely doing so because of potential security or data loss issues. At some point, they might start hunting around for an external hard drive.

Gifting a new parent an external hard drive saves them the hassle and cost of getting one later on down the road. It might not be the most sentimental gift, but it’ll be greatly appreciated!

New Mom Care Package Pampering Gifts

If you’re wondering:

What do you put in a care package for a new mom?

These pampering gifts are ideal for putting into a new mom gift basket!

27. Eye Gel or Cream

When my baby was first born, I got around 4 hours of sleep every day for months. My eye bags and circles were the worst I’ve ever experienced.

My sister-in-law gave me an eye cream. I loved it! Not only did it brighten my eyes, but it felt nice!

This is what to bring a new mom at home!

28. Chapstick

Natural chapstick is always an appreciated gift, especially for new moms who are breastfeeding as they’re constantly battling dehydration.

You definitely want to add chapstick to your new mom care package.

29. Face Mask

When I was sleep deprived and needed self-care, I loved putting on a face mask.

It was rejuvenating! It made me feel a little bit more like myself again. I love being a mom, but it’s nice to be pampered and do something for yourself.

30. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a new mom’s best friend when she has no time to take a shower. This organic dry shampoo is USDA organic certified, non GMO, gluten free, sulfate and paraben free.

If you have really thin or fine hair, dry shampoo adds some nice volume!

31. Detangler Brush

I have long, straight hair and I have never in my life had tangles. When I became postpartum, my hair became tangled quickly. I didn’t know what to do.

I tried to use conditioner and use my fingers to untangle my hair. I tried using Moroccan oil.

NOTHING WORKED. I ended up ignoring the problem and putting my hair up in a bun, thinking I could just wait until my hair grew out…

But the tangles only became worse. In the meantime, other sections of hair started getting badly tangled.

It wasn’t until my daughter was over 18 months that I came across a solution. I was watching Instant Family – the movie and in one of the scenes, Rose Byrne’s character was helping her adopted daughter untangle her hair with a detangler brush. This was the first time I had heard of a detangler brush!

This detangler hairbrush is a miracle product because it not only works to untangle hair, it doesn’t hurt! It also minimizes hair breakage and leaves your hair looking shiny!

It’s been so long since I’ve not had tangled hair – it’s amazing to feel the difference! If you have a new mom in your life that’s struggling with tangled hair, this is an absolute must!

32. Slippers

New moms are constantly getting in and out of bed to feed, change diapers and use the bathroom. It’s a pain to put your socks on and take them off regularly. It’s uncomfortable just bending down, especially in the initial postpartum days!

A nice pair of slippers can be a nice treat. It provides that extra bit of comfort and convenience that will be especially appreciated when they’re walking along the ice cold bathroom floors in the middle of the night!

If the new mom in your life already has a pair of slippers, it might be worthwhile to get a pair for her anyways! With the daily wear and tear, I usually go through a pair of slippers every 1-2 years.

A pair of new slippers provides that extra comfort that can make a big difference to a new mom.

33. Organic products gift box

If you’re compiling a care package gift for first time expectant moms, you’ll probably want to include some pregnancy items like this organic products care gift box.

While most of the items can be used postpartum, it’s better to gift this to moms who have not already had their baby.

This gift box is ideal for expecting mothers who like all-natural products. Here’s what comes in the gift box:

  • Ginger fresh deodorant (0.6 oz)
  • Morning wellness body wash (1.67 fl. oz.)
  • Belly butter (2 fl. oz.)
  • Belly oil (1 fl. oz.)
  • Orange ginger lip balm

This gift box is prepackaged with a bow and herb wrapping paper so you only need to add her name to the gift tag.

The quantities are small – they’re more like sample or travel sizes. It’s more so meant to give the new mom a trial of the products to see if she wants to get more of them in the future. As such, this is an ideal early pregnancy gift!

If you’d rather get the full-size version, I would recommend particularly the belly butter.

When your belly stretches out in your third trimester, your skin becomes even more itchy and flaky. You’re prone to getting stretch marks.

Lathering on a lot of belly butter everyday, multiple times a day helps tremendously.

34. Robe

Comfortable clothing is essential for postpartum recovery.

In the first few months, I lived in my robe. I still wear it regularly at home. It’s not only comfortable, it’s convenient for breastfeeding. A robe gives the baby easy access and you can quickly cover up when finished.

35. Comfortable Sleep Environment

It’s hard to have a deep, quality sleep when you’re a new mom. You’re adjusting to your new sleep routine of a few hours each day and you’re exhausted!

It’s more important than ever for new moms to have a sleep sanctuary: a comfortable sleep environment that can help them fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed. This can include comfortable bed sheets, a comfortable duvet, or a sound machine.

While the new mom might already have these things, she might not have a sleep mask.

I don’t usually wear sleep masks because they’re heavy, uncomfortable and leave lines on my face.

This sleep mask is not like others. It’s light, breathable, and doesn’t leave line marks on your face. This mask can be worn comfortably whether you’re a side, belly or back sleeper. It works well to 100% block out the light if you adjust the straps.

No products found.

With the 3D design, it doesn’t actually touch your eyes (including your eyelashes, eyelids, or eye makeup). New moms need to get sleep when they can. This mask works for naps in the middle of the day after you’ve added makeup to your eyes.

It also comes with a travel pouch and ear plugs. This is a great gift for a new mom survival kit!

Recap of New Mom Gifts

  1. Instant Pot Accessories: Original stainless steel pot, non-stick pot, extra sealing rings, Instant Pot accessories bundle
  2. Gift Cards: Amazon gift card
  3. Vacuuming help: iRobot Roomba, Dyson hand held cordless vacuum
  4. Meals: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks like these Cliff Bars
  5. Water bottle:
  6. ,
  7. Zico Coconut water
  8. Wireless Earbuds: Apple AirPods
  9. Audible membership
  10. Breathe, Mama, Breathe book
  11. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book
  12. How Not To Hate Your Husband book
  13. Babysitting Services
  14. Diapers and Wipes:
  15. Other Baby Essentials:  2-way zipper pajamas, Bouncer chair
  16. Breastfeeding Essentials: a breastfeeding pillow
  17. Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book
  18. Baby and Mommy Class
  19. Go the F**k to Sleep book
  20. Baby hand print kit
  21. Letters to my Baby book
  22. Modern gender-neutral baby book
  23. Good Camera: iPhone 8 or a professional camera
  24. Photo Shoot
  25. Digital Storage: External hard drive
  26. Eye cream
  27. Natural chapstick
  28. Face mask
  29. Organic dry shampoo
  30. Tangle Teezer detangler hairbrush
  31. Slippers
  32. Earth Mama gift box for pregnant moms
  33. Robe
  34. Comfortable Sleep Environment: comfortable bed sheets, duvet, sound machine, sleep mask

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for New Moms

Every new mom is different. You should select the gifts that best fit the new mom in your life.

I’d love to hear which gift you pick and what you think of it.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for new moms that are pregnant, here’s a list of my pregnancy essentials.

For new dads, here’s a list of the best new dad gifts.

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