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Welcome! I’m Jacqueline.

I’m a mom who’s passionate about earning and saving more money to reach financial independence.

I created Mom Money Map because I believe anyone can retire early – even young parents.

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Some people think that early retirement in your 30’s or 40’s is achievable.

Even in your 20’s, it can be done with extreme discipline.

But with a KID? It seems difficult. And if you have more than one? It seems impossible.

When you do research, you realize there are parents who are able to do this.

They’re living frugally, but not sacrificing their kids’ futures.

They’re still having fun and meaningful experiences and not depriving themselves. They’re living a great quality of life!

Each one of these family’s strategies is different.

It is my goal to uncover and share these tips to help parents find the quickest way to reach financial freedom.

You can lead happy and satisfying lives and be the kind of parents you want to be.

Why? Because I have to be one of these parents.

I am a mom who mid-way through maternity leave realized I couldn’t go back to work.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. I was raised by parents who instilled this belief of pursuing a traditional career.

Before I got pregnant, I just completed my MBA and was planning a career change.

Now that my daughter is here, I can’t imagine missing the major milestones.

I would regret seeing my baby spend her formative years in a daycare – being raised by people who don’t love her as much as I do.

I want to be there for her. See her grow and try new things. Guide her through her mistakes and challenges.

I need to find a way to be a stay-at-home mom.

This website is a log of my financial journey – my research and experience. The opportunities and challenges for people pursuing this path as well as real successes and failures. In my day job, I work in strategic planning. Research is my strength.

Whatever your reason is – whether it’s to make more money, pay off debt, escape your 9-5, or spend more time with the people you love, this site is here to help provide you with the information to accelerate your financial freedom and give you more time to do what’s meaningful.

In Mom Money Map, you’ll learn how to:

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Let’s learn and grow together.

Thanks for visiting!

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– Jacqueline