How To Make Money In One Hour – The Ultimate Guide

Quick Ways to Generate Income in Just One Hour

Almost nothing is worse than realizing you need to earn cash quickly but not knowing what to do. 

When I used to get into these situations, my mind constantly raced to the most drastic solutions available, like taking out a loan or selling a car. 

Are you familiar with this too? 

Well, you’ll be happy to learn there are ways to earn extra money in one hour or less that are less drastic. 

And not only are they completely legitimate, but they could even be fun! 

This blog post will explore fifteen ideas to help you bring in some quick cash within an hour. 

So read on and get ready to find the perfect solution for your financial woes!

how to earn money in one hour

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15 Ways to Make Money in One Hour

#1 – Sell Your Unused Items

Have you ever looked around your house and taken inventory of unused items? 

I bet there are quite a few. 

how to make money in one hour

Well, when you’re looking for some ways to make quick cash in an hour, one of the best things to do is sell those unused items. 

And before you panic and say, “But what if I need those things one day,” just remember, you’re not getting rid of them forever. 

You can always repurchase them later if you need to. 

Selling items is becoming increasingly popular and easy to do. 

With websites like eBay or online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Craigslist, and these other sites to sell your stuff, you can start selling your items quickly! 

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If you live near pawn shops, you can also sell your items there. 

You’ll want to look around your house for items that are in good shape as they tend to fetch a much better price used. 

But even moderately used items can sell well. Consider selling: 

how to make money in one hour legit
  • old books
  • movies
  • video games
  • unworn clothes or jewelry
  • kitchenware
  • furniture
  • tools
  • tech (like cameras, monitors, keyboards, etc.) 

#2 – Complete Online Surveys

Did you know that you can earn money when you complete surveys? It’s true! 

There are lots of online survey sites that will pay you to provide your opinion. 

The amount you get paid for each survey varies, but most are worth around $0.50 – $10, depending on the length and topic. 

how to make a lot of money in one hour

These surveys usually don’t take very long to complete, so if you have an hour to spare, you could make some extra cash. 

Some popular and reputable survey sites include:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie 
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Vindale Research 
  • MyPoints 

In addition to completing surveys, you’ll find companies looking for focus groups, qualitative interviews, and user testing. 

These activities tend to pay more than surveys because they take a bit longer to complete, but they are still good if you have an hour to kill and want to make some extra cash. 

You can find these opportunities on websites like or 

#3 – Search For Unused Gift Cards

How often have you received a gift card from someone, put it in your purse or wallet, and then completely forgotten about it? 

It’s okay; it happens to the best of us! 

But those unused gift cards are a great way to make extra cash in a pinch. 

how to make money in 1 hour

There are lots of websites that will gladly buy your unused gift cards from you. 

Two popular sites for this include:

Both sites accept hundreds of different brands and offer competitive rates on their purchase prices. 

Alternatively, you can sell them on social media or to friends and family. 

While you may not get the equal value of the card doing this, it can be a great way to earn money fast, especially for a gift card you might never use. 

#4 – Collect and Roll Spare Change

When I was growing up, I always wondered why my grandparents would take time to save all of their loose change in a change jar. 

Little did I know this could be a great way to make extra cash in one hour! 

Spare change can add up quickly, and you may be surprised how much money you have lying around your house. 

It doesn’t have to be just coins; any paper money lying around can also be used. 

If you feel extra motivated, you can roll your coins and deposit them in the bank or a Coinstar machine (available at most grocery stores). 

That way, you’ll get the total value for all of your coins. 

Otherwise, take an hour to collect your loose change and cash and see how much extra money you can make in a pinch. 

#5 – Collect Credit Card Rewards

Most credit cards offer special rewards and cash for items you purchase. 

Some even give points for dining out, getting gas, or using the card to buy groceries. 

So, if you have a rewards-earning credit card (or two!), then take an hour to review your past purchases and see what rewards you’ve earned.

Most cards will allow you to easily redeem your rewards for cash, gift cards, or even travel miles. 

Doing this can be a great way to make extra money in one hour and use the rewards already available to you! 

#6 – Start A Side Hustle

Okay, this would take more than an hour. 

However, starting a side gig is highly worthwhile if you consistently look for more ways to earn extra cash and have an hour or two to spare every week.

how to get money in 1 hour

This opens you up to even more opportunities and ways to make some extra money, and it can even grow into something bigger. 

If not, you still get to use your other skills that may otherwise go unused. 

When starting a side hustle, you’ll find there are numerous options. 

Here are some of the most common! 

These are just a few of the many side hustles out there! 

With an hour or two each week, you can start exploring these options and see if they could be the right fit for you.

#7 – Do Odd Jobs For A Neighbor

Sometimes, looking closer to home is the easiest way to make quick money in one hour. 

Ask your neighbors if they need help doing small tasks in or around their homes. 

Some everyday tasks include doing things like:

  • Yard Work 
  • Getting Rid Of Scrap Metal
  • Painting
  • Dog Walking
  • Window Washing
  • Snow Shoveling
  • House Cleaning
  • Organizing 
  • Small Home Repairs

These are all great ways to make money fast, and you can usually find someone in your neighborhood who needs help with one or more of these tasks. 

Even better, most people will be willing to pay a reasonable price for the job, especially if you can do it quickly.

#8 – Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a great way to make extra money in one hour. 

All you need to do is find a mystery shopping service that works with the types of businesses you want to shop at. 

BestMark is a company offering mystery shops in the U.S. and Canada.

how to make money in one hour

Then, you must go into those stores or restaurants and leave a review about your experience. 

Typically, these companies will give you an upfront payment for doing the shop and reimbursement for any purchases you make. 

Plus, it’s a great way to get an inside look at different businesses and help them improve their services. 

Overall, if you have an hour free and are looking for extra cash, mystery shopping is worth exploring!

#9 – Do Online Tutoring

Back in the day, all tutoring had to happen in person, which didn’t always make it an ideal way to earn some extra cash. 

However, thanks to the internet and cameras, online tutors can now teach people worldwide in a matter of minutes! 

If you have an area of expertise, you can tutor; this could be a great option to make money in one hour. 

All you need is your laptop, webcam, and any tools required for tutoring (books, whiteboard, etc.), and you’re ready to get started. 

You can find online tutoring jobs on Upwork and Craigslist. 

Plus, you get to choose your hours and rates, which is a great way to make some extra cash while doing something you love. 

#10 – Flip Things From The Thrift Store

Flipping is one of the more creative ways to make money in an hour. 

All you need to do is find some items at a thrift store, flea market, or yard sale and then resell them for a profit. 

This could mean anything from buying furniture or antiques and restoring them to their original state to purchasing clothing and accessories and then selling them online. 

The great thing about flipping is that it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. 

All you need to do is find items at a low price and then put in a little work to restore or clean them up or bring them back to good condition; then, they are ready to sell! 

Another great thing about flipping is it will help you get creative with how you make money. 

Plus, if you’re successful, it can be a great way to make some extra cash regularly! 

Here’s a FREE video course on how to make your first $100 flipping used items.

#11 – Rent Out Your Spare Room

If you’re okay with giving up some of the space in your home, why not rent out a spare room? 

This won’t take long to get set up, and it can keep bringing in monthly money. 

What’s not to love about that?

If you only want short-term renters using this space, plenty of websites like Airbnb can help you find them quickly. 

However, if you’re looking for something more long-term, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace is a great option.

The wonderful thing about renting out your spare room is that it allows you to make some extra money while getting to know new people in your area. 

If you have extra space and want to make some cash in one hour, renting it out is worth considering! 

#12 – Babysit

If you love kids, babysitting can be an excellent way to earn extra money in your spare time. 

You can find babysitting jobs on Care, Sittercity, and Craigslist. 

Or, you could also ask your family and friends if they know anyone looking for a babysitter!

how to earn money online in 1 hour

While babysitting may not be the most glamorous way to earn extra money in one hour, it can be very rewarding. 

Plus, it’s always nice to know that you are helping a family who needs extra help! 

Babysitting is an excellent way to make money in one hour if you’re comfortable with kids and have the right qualifications. 

#13 – Rent Out Unused Equipment

Did you know people go to places like Home Depot to rent tools or equipment for the day? 

Well, you can do this too! 

Not only is this an excellent way to earn some money off of the things you aren’t using regularly, but it also enables you to keep them for those instances when you need to use them. 

You might consider renting out tools and equipment, like: 

  • gardening tools 
  • sports equipment

You can list these items on websites like Spinlister, BabyQuip, or Fat Llama to rent them out to people looking for short-term rentals. 

#14 – Reduce Subscriptions You Don’t Need

This one may seem obvious, but if you’re looking to make extra money in an hour, this is a great way to do it! 

Look at your financials and see which subscriptions or memberships you don’t use anymore. 

There are probably some you had signed up for but aren’t using anymore. 

By canceling some of these subscriptions and memberships, you can save yourself a lot of money each month, which means you’ll have more to spend on the things that matter. 

Plus, this is one of the quickest ways to make an extra buck or two – all it takes is a few clicks, and you’re done! 

#15 – Return A Recent Purchase

And last, consider returning an item you recently purchased but don’t need or want anymore. 

Most stores have return policies, so if you bought something and changed your mind, it’s worth considering returning to the store and getting a refund. 

This is a great way to make money in an hour without much effort. 

It can help you clear out some extra space in your home – a total win-win! 

So there you have it – 15 ways to make money in one hour or less. 

Whether you’re just looking for an easy way to make some extra cash on the side or need to raise some quick funds in a pinch, these methods are great to consider. 

With just one hour of your time, you have many options for making some extra cash! What are some other ways that you know of? 

Please share them in the comments below! 

Recap List of How to Make Money In One Hour

  1. Sell Your Unused Items
  2. Complete Online Surveys
  3. Search For Unused Gift Cards
  4. Collect and Roll Spare Change
  5. Collect Credit Card Rewards
  6. Start A Side Hustle
  7. Do Odd Jobs For A Neighbor
  8. Become A Mystery Shopper
  9. Do Online Tutoring
  10. Flip Things From The Thrift Store
  11. Rent Out Your Spare Room
  12. Babysit
  13. Rent Out Unused Equipment
  14. Reduce Subscriptions You Don’t Need
  15. Return A Recent Purchase

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