Yard Sale Tips

If you’re looking for tips on how to host a yard sale because you want to make some extra cash and declutter, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s strange to call myself this, but I am a yard sale expert. Expert is not a term I use loosely…

Full disclosure: It’s NOT because I’ve run many garage sales – although I have hosted my fair share.

It’s because in the summer and a few weeks in the spring and fall for years, I went to yard sales EVERY weekend. My garage sale experience is not limited to the area I live in. I’ve been to yard sales in many cities in the U.S. and Canada. I’ve even been to the world’s longest yard sale.

I’m approaching this article from a dual perspective:

  • From the point of view of a regular buyer – what an attractive yard sale looks like
  • From my experience as a yard sale host – how do you have a successful yard sale. Most importantly, how do you make the MOST amount of money at your yard sale.

Because let’s face it.

Some sellers make $50, but others make $500. While it has to do with WHAT you’re selling, it also has to do with HOW YOU’RE PLANNING your sale.

So how do you have a successful yard sale?

Here’s a garage sale planner – a huge guide on all of the garage sale tips and tricks:

  • What to sell at a garage sale
  • What NOT to sell at a garage sale
  • Best day and location for a garage sale
  • Garage sale supplies
  • How to set up a garage sale
  • Yard sale pricing
  • Where to advertise a garage sale
  • Additional tips for how to prepare for a yard sale
  • Creative yard sale ideas to differentiate yourself

Let’s dive in!

Yard Sale Ideas

if you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you.   

What to sell at a garage sale

Figuring out what to sell is one of the first and most important steps for yard sale planning.

You could sell many different things at a garage sale. Here are the most common categories I see for sale:

  • Household items (e.g. kitchen gadgets, bedding, lighting, furniture, storage)
  • Clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories
  • Baby and kid gear, toys etc.
  • Tools for house and car maintenance, gardening etc.
  • Crafting supplies and handmade items
  • Cosmetics and health and beauty products
  • Holiday decorations for Christmas, Halloween etc.
  • Sports and fitness equipment
  • Pet products
  • Books, board games
  • DVDs, CDs, Video Games, Phones, and other electronics

I recommend just picking up a box and going through every room in your house including the attic, garage and basement. Search deep into closets. Check your garden too. I’ve seen plants sell at yard sales!

garage sale checklist

Grab things you haven’t used for years. Things that are just taking up space and serving no purpose.

Even if you have items with missing pieces, it’s worth including in your yard sale. Just make a note on the product about what piece is missing. I’ve purchased kid’s toys that are missing a sticker or a cell phone charger because mine got damaged. You just never know what someone might be looking for.

If your box is filling up fast:

Keep in mind that you probably don’t want to pack up your whole house contents and put them on sale. You’ll likely overwhelm buyers and will just be moving things in and out for no reason.

If you have very little in your box:

Check out Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It focuses on only keeping possessions that “spark joy”. It sounds like a hokey concept, but it works!

garage sale list

You could also ask friends and family if they have anything to sell. It’s a win win because this helps them declutter and you might get some help and attractive items to add to your sale.

If you have kids, ask them to sell food or drinks. They can manage a lemonade or baked goods stand.

garage sale food

If you’re wondering, “What sells at a garage sale?

In my experience, the items I often see selling quickly are good quality furniture, power tools, designer clothing, shoes and purses, kid’s items, kitchen gear, and collectible antiques.

Of course, it depends on WHO’S likely to come to your yard sale. If you’re in a town with young families, children’s stuff will sell. If you live in a town filled with antique stores, your collectible, vintage goods will probably sell.

It also depends on the TIME OF YEAR you’re holding the sale. If it’s in the summer time, you’ll find that summer clothing, beach toys, camping gear, bikes, gardening tools and patio furniture will sell well. If you’re holding your yard sale in the fall, you’ll notice that back-to-school stuff, Halloween things, holiday merchandise and exercise gear will be popular.

What NOT to sell at a garage sale

What you should not sell at a garage sale depends on your objective and the amount of time you have.

If you want to make the most money for your possessions, you should consider selling some things online as you’ll get a higher price. We regularly sell things on Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, eBay and VarageSale and make $100 per month selling just a few items.

Related: Here’s a post with how to have a virtual garage sale as well as a list of apps to sell your stuff online.

Of course, it’s way faster to sell things at a yard sale. If you’re pressed for time or you primarily want to declutter and secondarily want to make some extra cash, selling things at a yard sale is best.

You could do both and sell some things at a yard sale and others online. You can sell lower value items (under $50) at your yard sale and sell trending, collectors and vintage pieces online.

what not to sell at a garage sale

What’s the best day for running a garage sale?

Is the best day for a garage sale a Saturday or Sunday?

In my experience, it’s Saturday. If you want to make the most money – add Sunday.

The majority of yard sales are on a Saturday morning. People expect to find yard sales on Saturdays. If you set your yard sale on a Sunday, you’ll get less traffic. Running your garage sale on a Sunday morning also means you won’t attract people who regularly go to church during that time.

However, if you set your yard sale on a Saturday and Sunday, you’ll sell more items. You’ll have a backup day in case there’s unexpected weather on Saturday. You’ll also attract different kinds of buyers. You’ll see the regular yard salers on Saturday. On Sunday, you’ll see people who just so happen to see your yard sale and might not negotiate prices.

Other tips for when to set up a garage sale?

  • Set the time between 8am-12pm. This is the most common time I’ve seen. 4 hours is also a manageable time for sellers. You’re not starving waiting to eat lunch. I know some people have Saturday morning activities so if you want to reach this audience, set your timing between 8am-2pm.
  • Have your yard sale at the beginning of the summer: During the summer, a lot of people go on vacation. To get the most amount of traffic, you’ll want to host your yard sale before school’s out like in early June.
  • Don’t set it during a long weekend: Unless you live in a town that people go to to get out of the city, don’t host your yard sale on a long weekend. Some people might be out of town.
  • Check the weather: You want to ensure you’re not having your yard sale on a cold, rainy, or extremely hot day as buyers won’t come. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast the day before as well as you’ll probably be posting signs that day and don’t want your signs to get ruined.
garage sale on sunday

Where’s the best location for a yard sale?

Ideally, you can set up your yard sale in a high traffic location with access to easy, free parking.

Depending on your situation, sometimes this isn’t your house.

If you live off a low traffic, rural road, consider hosting your yard sale at a friend or family member’s place in a higher traffic area. You could also inquire with local community centers, legions, churches or schools as they occasionally have annual or monthly yard sales where you can set up a table.

If you live in an apartment building, ask your strata if you can host a yard sale right outside of the entrance.

Just remember that if you’re lugging anything to another area, you’ll have to bring it back if it doesn’t sell so be mindful of the amount of items you’re selling. Some buyers also won’t make the time to look through all of your things so less is often easier to look through and more appealing.

What supplies do I need for a garage sale?

  • Packing items: I’m talking bags, boxes and newspaper to wrap fragile items. Customers will appreciate this.
  • Lots of change and bills on hand: Be ready to have change for a $50 and $5 bill. The last thing you want is to lose a sale because you don’t have change! For your garage sale change on hand, I recommend hitting the bank and getting a roll of quarters, 30 $1 bills, 20 $5 bills and 10 $10 bills.
  • Fanny pack/utility belt as a cash register: You’ll probably be walking around the yard sale and going into the house regularly. It’s handy to have your cash with you at all times in a fanny pack or other bag you can strap to yourself. Some people also use aprons. I personally like fanny packs as they have zippers. You don’t want to worry about your cash falling out when you’re bending down to help a customer carry a couch to their car.
garage sale money box
  • Notebook and pen: If you have multiple people giving you goods to sell at a garage sale, it’s especially important to keep track of the sales at your garage sale. You can use a notebook, your phone or tablet. I find a notebook and pen is the quickest method for recording for me.
  • Calculator: If you struggle with math, having a calculator is handy. You can use the calculator function in your phone or just use a good old fashioned one.
  • Batteries: Chances are that something you’re selling needs batteries. It’s a good idea to have batteries on hand so customers can easily test products.
  • Extension cord: If there are electronic goods, have an extension cord within close reach so people can test things out.
  • Music device: Having music playing at your yard sale makes it fun and draws people in. You can play music on your phone, tablet, or portable radio. Stick to popular and classic tunes to keep people shopping.
  • Credit card machine: Yard sales are usually cash only, but I have been to a few that have accepted credit card and it definitely makes you open to spending more. If you’re going to accept credit card, use the Square reader, which is great because:
    • Square will send their reader to you for free in the mail. They do charge a 2.65% swipe fee.
    • How you use it: 1) Download the Square app to your phone, 2) attach the reader, and 3) swipe the card. You can actually use it offline so you don’t even need a signal. You can send receipts via email or text message, or connect to a printer.
    • Don’t forget to market on your ads that you accept credit card!
Garage sale hacks
  • Consider getting a counterfeit detection device. I used to work at a bank and even there, we used to get counterfeit bills. Especially for big bills like $50 or $100 bills, having a counterfeit bill detector pen might be worth it. If you feel awkward pulling out your device to check bills, just explain that it’s not that you don’t trust the person, there are just a lot of counterfeit bills in circulation. You just never know when you have counterfeit bills in your own wallet!
yard sale supplies
  • Neon poster board signs: The best yard sale signs are the 22″ x 28″ neon poster boards you can get at Dollar Tree because they’re large and eye catching! You have more room on the board to put your garage sale details. While it’s nice to have the same signs so people know they’re following your yard sale, I also like using “Yard Sale” signs just to put on the directional arrows. This all-in-one kit has yard sale signs and other nifty things:
    • 1400 pricing labels (including blank stickers so you can put on your own prices)
    • 12 signs (I love that you can reuse this for your next yard sale)
    • 6 wooden stakes for the signs (You’re supposed to put 2 signs back-to-back per stake)
    • 18 double-stick mounting tape pads to put signs on stakes
    • 1 sales record form
    • 6 large balloons
    • 1 permanent marker
    • Other yard sale tips!
yard sale price stickers

  • Marker: As the day goes on, you might want to lower prices so it’s good to have a marker close by.
  • Pricing stickers: Sometimes prices get knocked off. It’s good to have your pricing stickers close by so you can easily replace prices. It’s also handy for changing prices as your day comes to a close.
  • Pricing boards: You might not want to price every product you have available. For example, if you have 30 pieces of newborn clothing, you might want to just say “Newborn clothes for $1 each”. It’s easy to write that on a piece of paper or poster board.
  • Tables: It’s helpful to get long tables or side tables. Ask your friends and family what tables you can borrow. If you’re looking for yard sale tables for rent, you can check out your local community centers, churches, Craigslist or Kijiji.
  • Other options if you don’t have tables: If you’re wondering how to set up a garage sale without tables, you can lay a long board over 2 storage boxes. You can also just use storage containers and trunks to elevate pieces. While it’s not ideal, you can also put blankets and tarps on the ground. If possible, you want to get things off the ground and make it easy for people to see what they’re looking at. Generally, people don’t want to bend their back to reach an item.
  • Clothing rack: If you’re selling clothing, the best way to sell clothes at a yard sale is by hanging it on a clothing rack and ideally having a full-length mirror available. Another good option is to hang clothes in hangers off the top of your garage door rail track.
yard sale clothing rack

  • Alternatives to a clothing rack: If you’re wondering how to DIY it and make a clothes rack for a yard sale, I’ve seen many creative solutions like:
    • Put a wooden stick, metal pole or clothes line between 2 ladders or horses (if you’re using ladders, you could add 1 pole at the top and another half way down to hang even more clothes)
    • Use a laundry drying rack
    • If you can’t hang clothing, I also like it when sellers fold and display the clothes neatly on tables.

How to set up a garage sale

Similar to how a retail store is set up, there can be a lot of strategy behind how a yard sale is set up. Here are some garage sale display ideas to bring in more customers and make more money.

  • Put bigger, attractive pieces close to the road like a beautiful painting, antique chair or table. Some people like to do a drive by to assess if it’s worth checking out your sale. Put your best foot forward by showcasing your best items in front.
  • Keep jewelry and small valuables close to the house or garage. It’s easy for people to put small things in their pocket so if they’re positioned closer to the house, they would feel more eyes on them and would be less likely to shoplift.
  • Set things up the way they’re meant to be used. For example, if you’re selling a couch and some throw pillows, arrange the pillows on the couch.
  • Position your drink and food stand at the front. If your kids are having a lemonade stand or bake sale, you can have them set up towards the front, right side. Your kids can be the welcome greeters. If people buy a lemonade or cookie, that’s a bonus!
  • Have excellent lighting. If you’re setting up in your garage, make sure there’s ample lighting. People need to see what they’re buying easily. Consider setting up table lamps if you need to.
  • Make your items for sale clean and attractive: If you want your stuff to sell, you have to make it look presentable. Clean off the dust. Wipe away any stains. Make sure everything works.
  • Organize your garage sale items. Definitely take the time to do this to make it easy for buyers to view and access your things. For example, you can sort clothes by color, size, or type. This is especially important for kids things. You need to separate the newborn clothes from the toddler clothes. You can also sort books by subject matter (e.g. cooking, fiction) and general house stuff by the room it’s used in (e.g. cutlery in the “kitchen” section).
Garage sale organization tips
  • Give yourself a place to sit. Don’t forget to bring out camping chairs so you have a place to sit. Place them in a shaded area so you’re comfortable.
  • Put the boxes you used to store goods underneath the tables to prevent kids from running underneath tables and hurting themselves or knocking things over.
  • Have a free pile. Having a “free pile” (I’ll often notice it towards the curb) can increase your sales. As a buyer, if I grab something from the free pile, I’ll often feel compelled to buy something from the yard sale. I can imagine other buyers feel the same way. If you’re having a free pile, you can also include this feature in your ads!
  • Park your car in the garage or away from your drive way or street parking area. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to see your garage sale and pull to the side of the road to quickly park. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost missed a garage sale because I couldn’t see past a parked car!
  • Make a rule to not let anyone in your house. Unless you’re selling something you’ve kept in your house, don’t let any strangers in. If they have to use the bathroom, direct them to the closest public washroom.
  • Be honest about your stuff. Some people will ask why you’re getting rid of an item. Be honest with your response. If this product didn’t quite work for you, tell them why. They’ll find out anyways when they purchase it and they may not come to your future sales. You don’t have to just emphasize the bad things about your product. Just be real. Tell them what worked and what didn’t work. They might be totally fine with the negatives. There’s a reason they say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.
  • Keep your pets inside. Pets distract and might even scare away buyers. It’s best to just keep pets inside.
  • Be friendly. Say hi when people come to your sale and bye when they leave. Be helpful when they have questions. But don’t hover. Nothing makes you more uncomfortable than having a seller follow you around the sale being salesy about everything you pick up.

When do you want to start displaying your items for your garage sale?

There will be early birds that come at or just before the start time.

Make sure you start setting up your yard sale 1 hour before hand. Or set some of it up in your garage the night before. You can group similar items together in baskets and boxes so displaying and laying things outside in the morning is quick and easy!

Another great option is if you set up the vast majority of the yard sale indoors in the garage. You can still set up some items outside to bring in traffic. With this option, you don’t need to worry about getting up extra early to set up or getting rained out.

Once you’ve set up your sale, have a quick walk through and see if everything looks clear and organized. Is it easy to move around and see merchandise? Are most things at eye level?

Taking these extra steps to make your stuff look presentable and organized will go a long way towards making people feel comfortable and in a buying mood! I know it might seem like a lot of work. Just do what you can. Things will get messed up as people look through your stuff.

Yard sale pricing

With all of the work involved with setting up a yard sale, it can be tempting to skip over pricing and just have buyers offer you a price.

Don’t do it!

Having a price will result in more money because of price anchoring because the first person to state a price has the most amount of influence in what the final price will be.

Here’s an example:

If you say something costs $10, a buyer will use that price as the reference point and maybe offer you $8. If you said the price was $15 instead, that same buyer might offer you $10. The first price influences the rest of the negotiation so you don’t want the buyer to be the first person to state a price.

You also don’t want to turn off people who:

  • Don’t feel comfortable offering prices or
  • Don’t want to offend you by offering low prices

Bottom line – just state prices.

how to price yard sale items

Here’s an example of reasonable prices I’ve seen at yard sales:

  • Kitchen gadgets: $1-10
  • Bedding: $5-25
  • Lighting: $1-15
  • Furniture: $5-50
  • Storage: $1-20
  • Tools: $5-50
  • Crafting supplies and handmade items: $1-7
  • Cosmetics and health and beauty products: $1-5
  • Holiday decorations for Christmas, Halloween etc.: $1-10
  • Sports and fitness equipment: $2-20
  • Pet products: $1-5
  • Board Games: $1-3
  • DVDs, CDs, Video Games and other electronics: $3-10
  •  Books
    • Kid’s books: $0.25-3
    • Hardcover books: $0.25-5
    • Softcover books: $0.25-3
  • Adult clothes
    • Shirts, dresses, pants $3-10
    • Jackets, shoes: $5-20
    • Jewelry: $1-5
  • Baby and kid’s items:
    • Clothes and accessories (in excellent used condition or new): $1-3
    • Jackets, shoes: $3-5
    • Toys: $1-5

If an item is not on this list, a good rule of thumb is to price it at 25% of the original purchase price. Don’t price anything below $0.25! It’s just not worth your time!

Here are other tips on pricing your yard sale items:

1) Don’t overprice your items.

It’s easy to overvalue things because you have sentimental value towards them or you saw the goods were going for this price on a buy and sell marketplace like Kijiji.

People are expecting to get a deal at a yard sale. In fact, regular yard salers know what a good price point is. They’re expecting to get the cheapest possible price. If you want to get rid of items, price them reasonably.

You might be tempted to set higher prices in anticipation of being bargained down. There are buyers who hate negotiating. They would rather walk away than try to get a lower price from you. You don’t want to lose these sales.

2) Larger stickers or labels should accompany larger items.

You can use a piece of cardboard from a box as a label. You don’t want to put a 1″ sticker on a sofa.

3) If you have expensive items, include a print out of the product’s features.

You can also include its retail price and of course it’s current discounted price. It’s often more difficult to get rid of expensive goods and this extra effort in marketing can only help.

4) Bundle items.

If you’re keen on getting rid of things, you can also put bundle prices like 5 baby onesies for $3. Or if you really need to get rid of things, say people can fill up anything or just clothes in a bag or box for $5.

You don’t have to use these pricing strategies right away. You could add them as the traffic starts dying down at around 11am.

Where to advertise a garage sale

How do you attract people to a garage sale?

You should advertise online and use large signs.

How do you advertise your garage sale online?

You can advertise in the “local events” or “garage sale” pages on general community and yard sale sites for FREE like:

If you Google “your town” and “garage sale”, you might find more ideas for other sites people are searching on for garage sales.

advertise yard sale on facebook

Among all of the above, Facebook is the platform I often check when I’m looking for garage sales. If you’re wondering specifically how to advertise a garage sale on Facebook, there are 2 places I usually check:

  • Buy/sell or yard sale groups: Search “your town” + “buy and sell” or “yard sale” groups for any applicable groups, join them and advertise your sale. Use pictures! You can take pictures of some of the things you’ll be selling as a preview.
  • Facebook Marketplace: You can also advertise on Facebook Marketplace. Create an “item for sale”, select the category “garage sale”, and type in “garage sale” in the field for what are you selling. You can put any price in like $1. Don’t forget to include all the details and pictures!

You could also post on any of your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – that you’re running a garage sale and post pictures of what’ll be on sale. On the day of the sale, you can update your friends on what’s been sold or still available.

When should you post your garage sale ads online?

Don’t post your yard sale ad too early. If you post 1 week in advance, you risk people showing up at your house 1 week early because they didn’t check the date! I recommend posting your yard sale the Wednesday or Thursday just prior to your yard sale.

Yard Sale Signage

Along with advertising online, it’s crucial to post your garage sale signs around town.

Here are areas you can post signs on:

  • 1-3 of the closest major intersections
  • Directional signs from the major intersection to your house

You can post a sign at your house, but I often find it’s unnecessary unless you live on a busy street or want to advertise your sale to your immediate group of neighbors in advance.

In terms of positioning, put yourself in the driver’s shoes and place your signs in areas the driver can see clearly. A driver is unlikely to pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car and read your sign.

Put the signs at eye level with the driver on a pole (you can use duct tape) or raised on a piece of wood (like a wood paint stirrer) that you can hammer into the ground.

What should you write on yard sale signage?

What and how you write on the signs is very important.

You want to make the words clear and large! Use black felt tip markers on your signs and not a pen or pencil! Keep in mind that people are driving by the signs so they only have 1-2 seconds.

It can be difficult to tell how large you need to write the words. One tactic I like to use is make just 1 sign and then stand 10-20 meters away to see if the sign is legible for a driver passing by. If the text is too small, I can make adjustments on the 2nd sign.

garage sale signs

For the signs at major intersections, put them on large neon poster board and try to include these details:

  • Garage Sale
  • Any enticing descriptive word that applies like “Multi-Family”, “Moving”, “Designer Brand”
  • <Your Address> – This is the most important information on your sign (even more than “garage sale” as people often know it’s a yard sale from the fact that it’s on neon poster board) so make the address large!
  • <Time of the Sale>
  • <Date of the Sale>
  • Examples of what’s on sale – This is optional and only if you have some room left on your sign. Keep this part short. Most people won’t even read this part, but for those that do (walkers, drivers that are stopped at a red light), it’s worth including if you have some big ticket, attractive items.
  • A LARGE directional arrow

For the directional signs that have “yard sale”, include:

  • An arrow pointing to the direction your house is in
  • <Your Address> if you can fit it in

I recommend putting up all of your signs on the Thursday or Friday beforehand. Check the weather to see when it’s best to put up the signs as you don’t want them to get ruined or blown away.

Don’t forget to take down your signs after your sale. Depending on your local laws, you could get fined by the town or city you live in if you leave your signs up.

Additional tip: I also like adding balloons to tables or your mailbox (if it’s by the road) so they catch people’s eyes when they drive by. There have been a few times when I’ve missed yard sales because the items are set up in the house or in the garage and there’s been limited signage!

Yard Sale Newspaper Advertising

Some people take out a garage sale ad in the newspaper. Between the free online ads and signs, I find this sufficient.

That said, you know your community best and where people get information.

Additional tips for how to prepare for a yard sale

1. Get a garage sale permit (if applicable). Some towns and cities require that you get a garage sale permit. You can Google “Yard Sale” + “Your Town” + “Laws” and see if you need one. If you see yard sales often advertised in your neighborhood, there likely aren’t laws disallowing yard sales or permits you need to apply for. Just in case, it’s always good to check.

2. Be ready to negotiate: Negotiation is often the name of the game at yard sales. People will expect that if they buy more, they’ll get a lower, bundle price. You will get people that will low ball and negotiate hard.

Have an idea of what your bottom line is. Don’t be afraid to say no and let people walk away. If you want to make the most amount of money, be less willing to negotiate at the beginning of the yard sale and more flexible as the day goes on.

3. Have help. Don’t do the yard sale alone. You’ll probably have to run into the house to use the bathroom, get supplies or ask questions about pricing (if some of the items for sale are not your own).

You’ll want to have someone else outside managing the yard sale and watching for shoplifters. It’s an unfortunate reality, but you might encounter people who steal or switch prices. The more people you have who look like they’re manning the garage sale (maybe wearing aprons or constantly putting things back in order), the less likely people will take the chance to shoplift. It’s also just safer to have 2 people there.

4. Understand how you’ll handle if a buyer asks about delivery. Do you have a truck on hand to deliver? What time can you do delivery? You’ll want to work these questions out in advance so you’re not scrambling to plan on the spot.

5. Make a plan for leftovers. You could either:

  • Try selling goods online on Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, eBay and VarageSale
  • Take things to a consignment store or resale shop.
  • Give things away for free (leave your stuff on the curb with a sign that says “Free”). Keep in mind that if you do this and things don’t move, you’ll have to eventually take these things inside or donate them.
  • Post it on Freecycle for people to take away. Freecycle is especially good for larger items if you can’t easily donate them.
  • Donate goods to the Salvation Army. If you plan to donate items to the Salvation Army, check to see if there is a pickup service in the area to save yourself the trip. Also check to see if you can get a donation tax receipt to lower your income taxes.

Creative yard sale ideas

If you have extra time to plan and prepare your sale, differentiating your yard sale is always a smart idea to drive more traffic.

Here are the most creative yard sale ideas I’ve seen:

1. Sell different food from what you would normally see at a yard sale: I once went to a yard sale where they sold hot dogs and the lineup went out to the curb! While managing a hot dog stand might not be feasible, you can sell coffee, tea, hot chocolate, donuts, muffins, cupcakes or granola bars.

2. Style an outfit: If you have a mannequin or a coat hanger, take it out and put together an outfit from the clothes you’re selling. Like in a window of a retail store, it’s easier to picture how that pair of pants can be used if you show how it can be paired with a shirt and shoes.

3. Sell mystery bags: This is a hit or miss. I’ve seen people sell mystery bags filled with stuff for a few dollars with only the category indicated like “baby toys” or “90’s DVDs”. Some people love the idea and others will ignore it.

4. Have a neighborhood yard sale: If you team up with your neighbors to have a yard sale on the same day, you can save time and resources advertising. You’ll also drive more traffic to your sale and buyers are more likely to come if there are multiple sales at the same location.

I’ve seen street sales, neighborhood sales, even town sales – yes the town just north of mine holds an annual yard sale with over 50% of the houses hosting sales. It’s a full day of yard saling! Google or check the local Facebook groups to see if there are community yard sales you can participate in!

Final Thoughts on Garage Sale Tips

Yard sales require a lot of planning and work. They’re a great way to get fast cash if you’re in a bind. You also get to declutter.

All the best on your yard sale! Have fun!

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Here are additional work at home options that are well-paid:

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Garage sale checklist

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