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1 Year Old Toddler Must Haves

1 Year Old Must Haves

If you have a 1 year old, you know some of your baby essentials will no longer have use soon.

Your baby is now a toddler. Toddlerhood has its own set of fun moments and challenges.

What do you need for a 1 year old toddler?

Here are my 1 year old must haves. In this list, I’ve also included:

It’s split up into the following categories:

  • Clothing
  • Sleeping
  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Diapering/Potty
  • Traveling
  • Safety
  • Toys
  • Books

Jump to the category you’re most interested in or read the whole toddler essentials list!

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63 One Year Old Essentials

Toddler Clothing

1. Non-Onesie Shirts

In my experience, the older the toddler gets, the more difficult it becomes to get them in and out of a onesie with the 3 buttons you have to snap together around their diaper.

Save yourself time and get the regular t-shirts.

These t-shirts are highly rated, affordable and have many cute designs for these types of essentials.

Don’t forget to get long-sleeve shirts as well for colder days. They also make great layering pieces and pajama tops.

2. Comfortable Leggings and Pants

We’ve gotten so much wear from her leggings.

For example, she’s worn her 2T leggings from when she got it at 12 months until now at just over 2. I can foresee she’ll be able to wear these leggings for probably another year.

That’s the great aspect about leggings – you can fold or squish them up when they’re too big. You can also wear them when they’re too small as capris.

I love that leggings are easy to put on – no buttons to navigate with wiggly toddlers.

They’re stretchy and comfortable for her. They’re not constricting like jeans or cords.

For boys, you’ll want to get comfortable pants like these ones from Carter’s.

For the winter time, it’s good to have a pair of fleece-lined pants. This one’s high waisted to keep your toddler’s stomach warm. They come in different colors for boys and girls.

3. Warm Hoodies and Sweaters

For chillier days and air-conditioned rooms, I like the zip-up hoodies because they’re just a little bit easier to put on my toddler.

That said, my daughter went through a phase of constantly taking her sweater off if it was a zip up. During this phase of a few months, I would put her in the non-zip up sweaters because I didn’t want her to catch a cold.

4. Warm jacket

The first jacket we got our toddler was big, stiff, and bulky.

She hated to put it on. She would constantly throw a tantrum when she had to and have a sour face the whole time we were outside.

I realized, toddlers need warm, but light winter jackets like this North Face one. They need to be able to comfortably move around in them.

The North Face one is reversible so you get 2 different looks. There’s a chin zip guard to protect your little one from hurting his or her neck (This happened with the other jacket with my daughter. She just started screaming owie. I think this is a really important feature).

There are 18 different designs so there’s lots of variety.

5. Hat

For toddlers, I particularly like this UPF 50+ sun hat because it has a wide brim to protect the face, but not too huge to obstruct their vision.

It’s light and can be easily folded for the diaper bag. It has a chin strap for windier days.

The best part is that there’s an adjustable toggle so you can loosen or tighten the width of the hat so it’s always the perfect fit and stays on your toddler’s head.

6. Sunglasses

We still use these cute sunglasses she got when she was a baby for extra sun protection. These Carter’s sunglasses come in a variety of colors for different preferences.

7. Toque and Scarf

Instead of having a separate toque and scarf, I recommend getting an all-in-one toque and scarf.

It’s so much faster than putting on both pieces each time. You don’t have to worry about one piece going missing.

8. Swimsuit

I highly recommend getting one that has a long sleeve shirt like this one with UPF 50+ Protection. Here’s a boy’s version here.

The less sunscreen you have to put on your toddler, the better!

9. Sun Shirts

If you don’t need them to be waterproof and you just want a light shirt, a fellow mom introduced me to these breathable UPF 50+ long sleeve shirts.

I love them!

If your toddler will be out in the sun for a while, this just saves you from having to constantly reapply sunscreen every few hours!

10. Pajamas

2-way zipper pajamas are even better than regular zipper pajamas because you don’t have to zip from the top down to do diaper changes.

Another benefit of using 2 piece pajamas is that they can be barefoot if they’re still not quite balanced and walking on their feet.

If your toddler is toilet training or already is toilet trained, it’s easier for them to wear 2 piece pajamas and add on socks.

11. Everyday Shoes

I had read about the benefits of keeping your baby barefoot as long as possible.

When my little one started walking, I tried to keep her barefoot. She quickly went from taking a few steps to wanting to walk everywhere herself. We had to find outdoor options!

These Stride Rite sneakers are genuine leather with a rubber sole so they’re soft and durable.

I love how they offer great support and promote natural foot and balance development.

There’s a memory foam sole so it’s extra comfortable. They’re easy to put on with the velcro strap.

Stride Rite has a huge variety of baby shoe styles to fit different tastes.

12. Summer Shoes

Crocs are a solid summer shoe for 1 year olds.

They’re light and easy to put on and take off. My daughter can put her’s on herself.

I like how Crocs are versatile. She can wear her’s in the pool and at the waterpark. She also wears it in the backyard, park and beach. It’s just a comfortable pair of shoes for her.

I like that it’s well-made, easy to clean, and protects her little feet from scratches.

13. Winter Shoes

When I was first looking for winter shoes for my toddler, I scoured the local moms Facebook page for ideas.

Time and time again, I would hear about bogs.

These shoes are not cheap, but they’re worth every penny.

They’re insulated and warm! As the boots are high, the socks stay dry even when they’re playing in the snow.

They’re also light! With the handles, they’re easy for little ones to put on. There’s no additional velcro to manage!

At our daycare, the kids go outside twice a day. With her also coming home and going to daycare in her winter shoes, it’s a huge time saver when kids can get their shoes on themselves.

14. One-Piece Snow Suit with Mittens

If you get snow or have freezing days during the year, having a one-piece snow suit for your toddler is handy.

I used to have a 2 piece snow suit and that was a PAIN to manage with a wriggling toddler. Having a one piece also saves time to get clothes on and off.

This one also has a fleece lining and built in mittens (so you won’t lose it in the snow)! It comes in a variety of colors.

15. Socks with grips

As my baby was learning to walk and balance, it was important for her to be either barefoot or have socks with grips for hardwood floors.

Even at 2 right now, she can walk well, but she’s a little wobbly when she runs so I still keep her in anti-slip socks just in case.

Toddler Sleeping Essentials

16. Toddler Bed

Since I have the Sundvik crib from Ikea, I just did the toddler bed conversion – lowered the bed and removed one side.

17. Bed Rail

To keep my toddler from falling out of the bed, we added a bed rail.

18. Crib sheet

As we used the same mattress, we still use the same crib sheets.

19. Toddler Wearable Blanket

If your toddler hates to use a light blanket or rolls around a lot in the bed or you’re concerned about SIDS for toddlers (or SUDC), he or she can use a sleep sack or wearable blanket.

You’ll want to get one that has feet. Once your 1 year old can stand or walk around, the traditional sleep sack becomes a safety issue.

If you have really cold winters, you’ll want to get a warmer wearable blanket for these periods.

This one is really warm. It’s basically like wearing a comforter. It has detachable sleeves to prevent overheating.

It also has a zipper that can be zipped from the bottom up for easier diaper changes!

20. Blankets

If your toddler doesn’t kick off blankets, you could use a breathable blanket instead.

When my daughter started attending daycare at 18 months, during the summer, I gave the daycare a large muslin blanket for her.

It’s light and breathable so it keeps my toddler warm and safe, but not overheated.


In the winter time, I gave the daycare a thicker baby blanket. She was already almost 2 at that point so I wasn’t concerned about SIDS.

Feeding Essentials for Toddlers

21. Booster seat at the table

I initially got this Ikea high chair, which came recommended by many moms. It worked well.

The only thing was that the height was too low for her to be able to see the food on the dining room table. It felt like she wasn’t a part of the eating experience with us.

When she was 1, we ended up switching to a Fisher Price Booster Seat and immediately, she was more interested in food and engaged when we all ate together.

It was a small change, but I regret not doing it sooner.

What I also like about having a booster seat instead of a high chair is that it’s easily portable. You don’t have to bring along the legs.

This booster seat also grows with your child. You can remove the booster seat table and adjust the height of the seat to fit your table.

22. Bib

While this silicone bib worked well when she was 6-12 months, she’s NOW moving her bib out of the way and wiping her mess all over her clothes.

She’s also bigger as a 1 year old. The bib doesn’t cover most of her front side.

I noticed my niece who’s a toddler was using this bib with sleeves so we got one to give it a try.

I love this bib because it’s light, waterproof and has an elastic at the wrist to prevent food from going up.

It was perfect for us at 1 year when she started being able to move her silicone bib out of the way and get the food all over her clothes!

Before I got this, I thought long and hard about whether we actually needed this because we already had the other bib. I’m so glad we got it! The other bib just wasn’t working as a bib anymore.

This bib is a must have! It’s SAVED SO MUCH TIME that would have been spent washing her clothes after EVERY meal.

23. Suction Mat

With your 1 year old throwing everything on the ground, a suction feeding mat is a must!

This one is made of silicone so even if your child is able to remove the suction cups and throw it, it won’t damage your floors or furniture.

AND you won’t have to spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up a broken bowl on the ground!

It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It also includes spoons.

24. Bendable Utensils

I like the spoons that come with the silicone mat, but I LOVE these bendable spoons and forks!

1 year olds struggle to hold spoons let alone get the spoon into their mouth.

When my toddler could finally hold a spoon, I still had to assist her with getting the food into her mouth.

She would turn the spoon over in transit, drop the food and then get what little was left in her mouth.

With these bendable spoons and forks, you can shorten the length or change the angle. It can be adapted according to your child’s motor skill development.

Little ones get to the stage of wanting to be independent eaters. These bendable utensils help them get there with less food spillage and waste.

25. Sippy Cup

We heard from a nurse that we shouldn’t give our daughter a traditional sippy cup because it might result in tooth decay and speech issues.

She said babies and toddlers need to learn how to use regular cups.

We gave our little one water through a regular cup. Naturally, the water spilled everywhere!

We heard from a fellow mom about this trainer cup. It’s exactly like a regular cup except there are minimal spills!

My one year old drinks from the rim like any regular cup. It’s only when you tilt the cup and apply pressure to the inside rim that liquid comes out.

Your toddler can whip it around or throw it on the ground – maybe a few drops will come out, but that’s it!

26. Snack Catcher

You could use ziplock bags for storing snacks. We love this snack catcher because my 1 year old can feed independently.

27. Snacks

Premade food pouches are the best for snacks on the go and when you want to take a break from making food for your 1 year old.

I didn’t use these all the time because I wanted to expose her to different foods.

It was a convenient way to feed her a good serving of fruits and vegetables when things got busy!

I also occasionally gave organic puffs to my 1 year old. They look like cheese puffs, but are a healthier and fun snack option to mix things up.

28. Snack Storage and Bag

Little ones are ravenous. I’m constantly preparing snacks and meals for my daughter.

I found out about this Bento Box from a Kindergarten teacher who told me it’s the best lunch container she’s seen in her class because it’s larger than many (so the kids can have all their food in one container and not a bunch of separate containers which can get lost) and lighter than many (so it’s not too heavy in their backpack).

It’s also easy for kids to open. They don’t have to wait for the teacher to come around and open it for them.

To my surprise, when I checked it out online, it’s one of the cheapest options available!

While my toddler’s not entering Kindergarten for a while, this lunch container has been a useful item to have for on the go meals for day trips and playdates.

I’ve also found that it’s practical for portioning out her meal at home.

I like how there are additional separate compartments in this Bento Box. Sometimes you want that separate container for cereal or sauces.

Most importantly, I like how my toddler can grow with this bento box and use it in preschool and Kindergarten as well.

*Since I wrote this article and my 1 year old toddler has entered Kindergarten, she’s now taking this bento box as her lunch container. It’s surprisingly still in excellent condition!

We also put it in a zipped lunch bag so that it’s insulated for her lunch at school. In hindsight, I should have purchased this earlier when she was a 1 year old.

It would have been easier to have the bento box in a lunch bag for longer car trips with my toddler.

I also put one of these larger reusable ice packs occasionally (usually for meat dishes) in the lunch bag to keep it extra cool.

29. Tiny Scissors

It might seem odd to see tiny scissors on this list, but they have been a game changer! Making meal prep for a 1 year old SO MUCH EASIER!

I found out about these from my mom! She got them for my sister-in-law because she was struggling to chop up food for my niece when we were at a restaurant.

While you can use any pair of scissors, these tiny scissors are DESIGNED for parents to efficiently cut up their children’s food:

  • They’re compact and portable – made for taking on the go.
  • They include a holder to keep the scissors clean and protect little ones.
  • The two pack allows you to keep one in the kitchen and one in your diaper bag!
  • They’re faster and easier to use than a knife and cutting board.
  • They’re BPA and Phthalate free.

Like other scissors, after you wash them, dry them immediately before storing to prevent rust!

Bathing Toddler Favorites

30. Non-slip mat

1 year olds often no longer fit in a baby bathtub. You have to put them in the big bathtub.

The only issue with putting them in the big bathtub is that they can slip when they walk around the tub and fall.

Having a non-slip mat in the bathtub helps with safety.

31. Bath Spout Cover

This bath spout cover provides MUCH NEEDED protection from accidental head bumps during bath time! This is especially necessary with the baby increasingly on the move and exploring.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a ridiculous product. When my little one was wobbly and bumped her head into the coffee table, I just imagined how that could have been the bath spout. It would have resulted in more than just a scare for her. She would have been seriously hurt.

If you have regular baths in the bath tub, this is a must have! The whale is also gosh darn cute!

This spout is also mold and mildew resistant! With many of its alternatives, mold appears shortly after use.

32. Bathing toys

This fishing toy is fun to have in the bath with your 1 year old. It can also help to develop hand eye coordination.

You also don’t need to use this toy just in the bath. Everything can be easily used out of the water in your living room.

This toy is meant for 2+ year olds, but I like that it’s more challenging for a 1 year old. It just means there will be more use out of it.

If you’re concerned about it being demotivating, you can give your child everything but the fishing rod at first. Then slowly introduce the fishing rod as your toddler gets used to the toys.

33. Waterproof Books

These waterproof books are not only educational at bath time. You can use them at any time including outdoors (e.g. going camping).

It’s durable and easy to clean. This set of 4 plastic waterproof books teaches toddlers how to say thank you, please, sorry, hi and bye! It comes with 4 bath crayons.

34. Towels

For towels, we often used a small towel we had around the house, but readers have mentioned how much they love this organic hooded towel.

I’ve heard it’s luxuriously soft! It has a premium, thick material and absorbs well. If my soft towel wears out, I will probably get this for my little one. I might even try to find an adult version for myself!

35. Faucet Extender

This faucet extender gives your 1 year old the independence to wash his or her own hands!

She or he will not be tall enough for a while so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Just remember to wash it once every few weeks because it can develop mold.

If there are any issues, you can rest assured because there’s a lifetime warranty!

36. Step Stool

To help your 1 year old reach the sink or the toilet (for potty training), you can use a dual height step stool.

37. Toothbrush

I initially gave my daughter the toothbrush she got for free at her first dental visit, but it was too hard on her teeth. She wouldn’t use it.

It’s important for your 1 year old to have a toothbrush with soft bristles so that it’s gentle on their sensitive gums.

Diapering Essentials for Toddlers

38. Diapers and wipes

Unless your 1 year old is potty trained, diapers and wipes are a must have.

For diapers, we’re still using Pampers diapers as they’ve resulted in fewer blowouts.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get 20% off diapers in a subscription. Get the Amazon Prime 30 day FREE trial here, which you can cancel at anytime. No questions asked.

For wipes, we use the Kirkland Signature Tencel Baby Wipes from Costco as they’re cheap, durable and don’t irritate my baby’s skin.

If your baby has sensitive skin, many moms have recommended these products:

39. Diaper cream

If your 1 year old is using diapers and wipes, diaper cream is another must have.

We love this diaper balm because it’s travel size, organic and works fast!

I’ve heard if you’re a cloth diapering family, it works with cloth diapers too!

40. Potty

To get your 1 year old comfortable with potty training, you could start using a potty.

In our research, we noticed there are usually 2 types of potties:

  • One that goes on your toilet seat
  • A potty that sits on the ground

We initially chose to get the potty that sits on your toilet seat.

The reason is because a lot of daycares use it. We didn’t want to use 2 different types of potties and potentially confuse her.

I also like that the one that goes on your toilet seat – you don’t have to clean it afterwards!

I also highly recommend getting a travel potty for when you’re in the car, at the park and on the go.

This is the travel potty we use. I love how it’s easy to use and folds up small enough to fit in my bag.

This travel potty has been essential in our toilet training! Once I took away the diapers and my daughter needed to use the toilet, she could only hold it for less than a minute before peeing or pooing!

It also gives me the option of not taking her to use public bathrooms! I even used it once when we were on a hike!

One thing – don’t rely on the bags that it comes with. I just use small waste bags from the dollar store and baby wipes, which work well to wipe the potty clean afterwards.

41. Diaper pail

We got this Ubbi Diaper Pail just before my baby was born and we’re still using it – years later.

It’s one of the most expensive diaper pails on the market. I’m so glad we got it.

With her eating solids, the diapers have gotten smellier!  It still traps in the odor. The odor hasn’t been absorbed like what I’ve heard can happen with the plastic pails.

You can open it using just one hand. With its tall and thin frame, it’s a space saver and is large enough to hold at least a week’s worth of diapers. There is a child safety lock feature, which has come in handy.

As it has a classic steel design, we might just keep it after our diaper days are over and use it as a regular trash can in the house.

Most importantly, there are NO special expensive refill bags like the Diaper Genie; we just use regular garbage bags.

One thing: If you do have a leak in your bag, I highly recommend cleaning the pail immediately because otherwise you might get rust.

42. Swim Diapers

If your little one is still in diapers and you’re planning on putting him or her in the pool, you’ll need swim diapers that are designed for water use!

These did the trick for my little one in keeping the messes in! They’re also quite stretchy.

Toddler Travel Essentials

43. Stroller

The stroller is still an essential item for a 1 year old. Quite often, my little one won’t last around the block before she’ll say “Up up”. I’ll spend the next 10 minutes telling her “Keep on going. We’re almost home.”

You don’t want to have to hold him or her and break your back.

For my stroller, I still use the Uppababy Cruz stroller as my everyday stroller. We initially picked it because it’s light and has a large lower basket.

I was initially considering the Uppababy Vista stroller. It’s much more expensive and larger. I wasn’t sure if the short lifespan of the bassinet would justify the additional cost.

The Uppababy Cruz is a nice stroller, but in hindsight, I should have gotten the Uppababy Vista.

I had assumed that the strollers were identical except for that the Vista was larger to accommodate the bassinet and other configurations. One thing I should have inspected more carefully were the stroller wheels.

I live in the suburbs in an area that has extreme winters. The Cruz wheels are plastic whereas the Vista wheels are made of rubber.

When you’re using it regularly on uneven terrain – even sidewalks in the suburbs that have larger gaps between concrete slabs – rubber wheels make for a smoother ride and last longer.

44. Umbrella stroller

When I’m traveling or using a stroller that I’ll need to put in the car, I’ll often use the umbrella stroller instead.

It’s lighter and doesn’t take up the whole trunk space. It doesn’t have the same storage capacity, but you can put a mommy hook on it.

You attach the mommy hook to the handlebar of the stroller. You can put your purse on the hook, a diaper bag, or grocery bags.

You can also hang it on your shopping cart with your diaper bag. When your little one starts throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store, you can have her toys and gadgets nearby.

45. Carrier

When my baby turned 1, I didn’t use the ergonomic carrier as much because she was heavier. I tried to rely mostly on the stroller.

There were occasions where I couldn’t use a stroller. For example, traveling on a plane, camping, going for walks or hikes on uneven terrain, or highly populated events where it’s difficult to navigate a stroller through the crowd.

In these situations, it’s a lifesaver for me to be able to comfortably carry a toddler while being hands-free.

This is the ergonomic carrier we love.

I’m not a doctor. After reading about hip dysplasia and the importance of using a baby carrier that has a supported seated position, this carrier became my #1 choice. Of course, you should always do your own research on the topic before making a decision.

This carrier can be used with a toddler up to 45 lbs. It can be adapted for all carry positions including facing the baby inwards and outwards, carrying on the hip or back. For toddlers, you’ll probably want to carry on the back given the larger weight.

46. Diaper bag

A diaper bag is another ongoing must have for a 1 year old.

My current everyday diaper bag is the Ferlin travel diaper bag, which I purchased right before I went on my first flight with the baby.

It’s great because it:

  • Has 18 pockets to keep things secure, separate and easy to locate
  • Is a backpack configuration so I could be completely hands-free
  • Is gender neutral in color so her dad could comfortably use it
  • Has a back pocket so I don’t have to worry about guarding my personal valuables


If I were to pick now, I would instead select this diaper bag. This bag is very similar to the Ferlin backpack – even down to the comfortable ergonomic straps, BUT it has a laptop/tablet specific pocket.

During my maternity leave, I often found myself carrying both my diaper backpack and my laptop bag. Having an all-in-one would be ideal!

47. Portable dirty clothes bag in the diaper bag

This Skip Hop Wet/Dry Bag is still in my diaper bag.

It’s worked well and held up over time.

It’s got 2 pouches – one for wet/dirty and another for new/replacement clothes. I’ve heard it doesn’t hold dirty diapers well so I wouldn’t use it for this purpose.

I like how the bag can be put in the wash if it gets dirty unlike plastic bags!

48. Portable changing pad for the diaper bag

I also still include a portable changing pad in my diaper bag. The Ferlin travel diaper bag comes with one.

I love this change pad. It’s better than most changing pads because it’s eco-friendly. It’s also soft and easily washable. Your 1 year old will be completely on the changing pad and not partially on it.

It’s also soft and easily washable.

Safety Must Haves for Toddlers

49. Car seat

If you have an infant car seat, your child has already or will soon outgrow it.

Our child outgrew her infant car seat at around 1.5 years old. We now use this Graco Convertible Car Seat.

Technically, you can use this convertible car seat from 4 pounds to 120 pounds – it can be the only car seat you ever use.

It’s more expensive, but if you consider all of the different car seats you have to get at each stage, it might end up saving you money in the long run.

It’s also one of the safest car seats on the market according to Consumer Reports.

50. Baby Gates

We have 2 baby gates.

We live in a house with an open concept layout. We wanted to get an extra wide baby gate – something that could stretch across the entire room. This would give her a large space to play and keep her enclosed within a room.

We love this Summer Infant baby gate! The majority of the gate is mesh so your baby can run into it and not get hurt!

It expands to fit openings up to 143″ so it fits spaces perfectly! It doesn’t have to be awkwardly bent. This gate can also convert into a playard.We also have this Regalo baby gate. It fits up to 192″ wide. This gate looks nice.

While it can also work across a room, it works particularly well for spaces where you need the gate to be angled e.g. around a fireplace.

51. Outlet Plug Covers

1 year olds often go for the outlets.

These outlet plug covers do the job of blocking little fingers from getting electrocuted.

They also block out the draft on exterior walls so you’re saving energy!

52. Sunscreen

Getting a mineral sunscreen for 1 year olds (made without oxybenzone, parabens or added oils and fragrance) is better than a chemical sunscreen.

Here are a host of benefits detailing why mineral sunscreen is better than chemical sunscreen.

The big reason is because mineral sunscreens are made with natural minerals and not chemicals.

Another reason is that chemical sunscreens take 20 minutes to be absorbed into the skin before it starts working.

If you’re putting your child in daycare, daycare staff don’t have time to manage one kid’s sunscreen application time along with everything else they have to do.

53. Thermometer

This thermometer has been great to check for not just children, but everyone in the family.

It’s fast and easy to use. It’s not invasive. You can even use it on a 1 year old that’s sleeping. It’s helpful that the unit has replacement filters.

54. Nail clippers

I still use a nail clipper/scissors/file/tweezers set for babies.

I love how the clippers are dull so there’s no possibility of cutting her. The baby nail file is the perfect size to be able to round out those small edges.

55. Nasal Aspirator

On occasion, I still use this nasal aspirator for colds. As a young toddler, she can’t quite blow her nose yet.

I still have not needed the replacement filters so I don’t recommend getting those.

56. Humidifier

I still rely on this filter free humidifier during the winter and when she’s sick to clear her runny nose and help with breathing at night.

1 Year Old Must Have Toys

57. Reusable activity pads

I first heard about these from my sister-in-law who was raving about how my niece spent hours playing with these reusable activity pads!

How are they reusable?

The ink is water! When the pen (filled with water) hits the paper, a color appears. When it’s dry, the color disappears and it can be reused!

As the ink is water, you don’t have to worry about messy hands! If the pen gets misplaced, you can also use a paint brush dabbed in water!

This toy has ALL of the components parents want:

  • No screen time
  • Develops reading and writing
  • Inspires creativity

This 3 pack builds language skills through the alphabet, animals and numbers. For the amount of hours your kid will enjoy, it’s good value for your money!

The pages are a thick cardboard material so they’re not easily ripped or chewed!

These pads are meant for ages 3-5, but my niece started using this at 18 months.

My daughter started using this at 1 and still uses it at 2. At first she was fascinated by the pen and putting it back in the compartment. Now she loves drawing with the pen and creating pictures. This is a must have toy in the diaper bag for us.

Just supervise your child until he or she develops the fine motor skills and judgment to not use the product improperly.

This is a Melissa & Doug product. If you’re unfamiliar with the Melissa & Doug brand, NBC called them the “gold standard in early childhood play”. You know you’re getting quality.

58. Blocks and Block Table

This is another toy that’s great for 1 year olds.

This bag contains 80 Lego-like pieces with different shapes and sizes. They’re large and visible so I haven’t stepped on them yet unlike her other smaller toys.

The blocks come with a reusable storage bag for easy clean up!

The thing I LOVE MOST about these blocks is I can see we’ll get years of use out of them!

Initially, she loved biting and taking the pieces a part with her hands. When she was 1.5 to 2, she eventually learned how to put the blocks together and build structures.

These blocks are the #1 preschool construction toy. It’s for ages 1-5! They’re also a great development tool and will stimulate her creativity for a while! This is EXCELLENT value for your money.

This blocks table is a bit of a splurge! It’s compatible with the blocks and comes with 20 blocks of its own and 2 rolling wheels. It’s portable so you can easily fold it and take it to grandma’s house! There’s also an interior storage.

We got this table to encourage our daughter to build with the blocks. The table definitely makes it easier for her to play. It provides guidance so she better understands how things fit together.

It also provides a place to contain her blocks so they don’t end up everywhere!

59. Toy Phone

We love this toy phone our daughter got when she turned 1. It’s sturdy – it’s lasted through drool, bites and her throws! She can easily grab it one-handed.

It’s a good size – small, but not bulky so it fits well in the diaper bag. There are different volume settings so you can adjust it if you’re in a quiet environment.

There are fun songs and a green screen with animation that teaches her how to chat and count. Although this is an educational toy, it does have “screen time”. Experts say to limit screen time for kids under 2 years old. Just something to be aware of.

It’s still a great toy to have in your mix! When we were on a plane recently, this toy was a lifesaver! It’s also a great price!

60. Walker

A walker is great for 1 year olds who haven’t quite learned how to walk yet.

The one we have is a Fisher Price Walker. It does take off quite fast so I recommend closely supervising your baby while he or she is learning how to control the walker (took my baby a few days).

There are a lot of activities like piano keys, rollers and 75+ songs! Even if your kid isn’t interested in walking yet, this is a toy your kid can have fun with sitting down.

Best Toddler Books

61. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? was one of my daughter’s favorites when she was 1. It’s also a classic book often recommended for 1 year olds.

We’ve probably read this book over 100 times right before bedtime. She always requests it. It’s definitely a must have in our book collection.

It was neat seeing her progress from learning 1 or 2 words to being able to identify all of the pictures and colors in the book. I really feel like this book helped with her development.

62. From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe was another one of my daughter’s favorites when she was 1.

She just loved interacting with the book and copying each animal’s actions.

For example, on one page a gorilla thumps its chest and invites you to do it. She does all of the actions on every page.

Nowadays when she sees a gorilla in a book, she says “thump your chest” and pounds on her chest. It’s amazing to see how she’s grown from reading this book!

63. Usborne Books

We got an Usborne Book Collection as a gift. It’s been a great educational tool for my daughter from babyhood to toddlerhood. She still uses it at 2 years old.

The books are about dinosaurs, animal homes, the zoo, night time, the garden, and the farm. I love reading these with her!

There’s so much good information for her to know. The illustrations are beautiful. She loves touching the holes and moving the flaps.

64. Hello World! Books

I first heard about Hello World! books from a reader.

These books were handpicked by an Amazon kids’ books editor for the Prime Book Box.

I love how these books are very informative!

There are clear, simple descriptions and bright, colorful pictures. They’re perfect for babies and toddlers to follow along.

Hello World has a variety of books in their series including:

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Final Thoughts on Toddler Essentials

I hope you got some ideas when building out your 1 year old list.

One quick tip to save money on your toddler essentials – use Rakuten (formerly Ebates), especially before purchasing items on Amazon.

How does Rakuten work?

Companies pay a commission to Rakuten for advertising on their site. Rakuten then shares that commission with you. Depending on the rates, you could get up to 40% of your purchase price back!

Rakuten is FREE to sign up.

For U.S. residents, Rakuten will give you a welcome bonus of $10 after making your first online purchase of $25 or more.

For Canadians, it’s a $5 welcome bonus for signing up. You can read more about how to use Rakuten here!

Recap of Toddler Essentials

  1. Non-onesie shirts: regular t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts
  2. Pants: Leggings, Carter’s comfortable boys pants, fleece-lined pants
  3. Warm hoodies and sweaters: zip-up hoodies, non-zip up sweaters
  4. North Face jacket
  5. UPF 50+ sun hat
  6. Sunglasses
  7. All-in-one toque and scarf
  8. Swimsuits: girl’s swimsuit with UPF 50+ protection, boy’s swim suit with UPF 50+ protection
  9. Sun shirt: Breathable UPF 50+ long sleeve shirts
  10. 2 Piece pajamas
  11. Everyday shoes: Stride Rite sneakers
  12. Summer shoes: Crocs
  13. Winter boots: Bogs
  14. One-piece snow suit with mittens
  15. Socks with grips
  16. Sundvik crib
  17. Bed rail
  18. Crib sheets
  19. Toddler Wearable Blanket: Sleep sack or wearable blanket, winter sleep sack
  20. Blankets: Large muslin blanket, Thicker baby blanket
  21. Fisher Price Booster Seat
  22. Bib with sleeves
  23. Suction feeding mat
  24. Bendable spoons and forks
  25. Trainer sippy cup
  26. Snack catcher
  27. Snacks: Premade food pouchesOrganic puffs
  28. Bento Box
  29. Tiny scissors
  30. Non-slip mat
  31. Bath spout cover
  32. Fishing toy
  33. 4 Plastic waterproof books
  34. Organic hooded towel
  35. Faucet extender
  36. Dual height step stool
  37. Toothbrush with soft bristles
  38. Diapers and wipes: Pampers diapers, Kirkland Signature Tencel Baby WipesHonest Company Diapers, Pampers Pure DiapersWater Wipes
  39. Diaper balm
  40. Fisher-Price potty that sits on your toilet seat
  41. Ubbi Diaper Pail
  42. Swim diapers
  43. Stroller: Uppababy Cruz stroller, Uppababy Vista stroller
  44. Umbrella stroller with a Mommy hook
  45. Ergonomic carrier
  46. Diaper bag
  47. Skip Hop Wet/Dry Bag
  48. Kushies Change pad
  49. Graco Convertible Car Seat
  50. Baby gates: Summer Infant baby gate, Regalo baby gate
  51. Outlet plug covers
  52. Mineral sunscreen
  53. Thermometer
  54. Nail clipper/scissors/file/tweezers set
  55. Nasal aspirator
  56. Filter free humidifier
  57. Reusable activity pads!
  58. Blocks and Block Table: 80 Lego-like pieces, blocks table
  59. Toy phone
  60. Fisher Price Walker
  61. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
  62. From Head to Toe
  63. Usborne Book Collection

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