What are the best gifts for a second baby?

While hosting a big baby shower and lavishing mom with gifts is a tradition for first-time moms, when your friend gets pregnant the second time around, things change.

Most second-time moms don’t have a shower at all. And if they do, it’s often considered more of a sprinkle than a full-on shower.

That means finding amazing gift ideas for a second baby becomes a little bit more difficult.

If you’re struggling to find great gifts for a second baby, don’t worry! As a mom with two kids, I know these gift ideas are sure to be a hit with any second-time mom.

best gifts for second baby girl

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How to Find the Best Gifts for a Second Baby

Before you start shopping for gifts, it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what the second-time mom needs for her new baby.

Chances are, she hung on to some of her favorite baby items from her first go-around, which means it may be difficult to know what she has and what she doesn’t.

So, how do you know where to start when it comes to purchasing a gift for a second baby?

gifts for second baby

Firstly, you can check if she has an Amazon Baby Registry for her second baby.

If she doesn’t, just ask!

The best way to find the best gift for a second baby is to ask the expectant mom what she already has.

That way, you can avoid duplicating those items and causing more work for her down the road.

Think about the hassle it will be to return a gift she doesn’t need with two little ones in tow! Taking the time to find out what your friend already has will ensure you don’t cause her unneeded stress when her new baby arrives.

After taking note of the items mom already has, you can start brainstorming new gift ideas.

Start by doing a little research to see if there is anything new on the market that would make life easier for a second-time mom. Or think about unconventional gift ideas that would improve her quality of life after baby arrives.

With so many great options available, you’ll have your pick of great gift ideas to give a mom expecting her second child.

Still not sure what to get a second-time mom?

Here are 40+ ideas to suit different preferences and types of second-time parents. They’re the perfect way to welcome a second baby into the family!

I’ve separated these second baby gifts into the following categories for easier reading:

  • Useful Second Baby Items: what second-time moms need because they can’t reuse the products from their first baby
  • Gifts for Two Kids: what will make life easier now that she has multiple children
  • Updated Baby Products if the first baby was born a few years ago
  • Keepsake Gifts: sentimental gifts so the mom will be able to look back on memories with baby #2
  • Unconventional Gifts: unique gifts that second-time moms might not ask for

Useful Second Baby Items

While a second-time mom may already have the big must-haves, like a crib and stroller, there are a few baby essentials she’s going to need when her bundle of joy arrives because they’ve been used, are worn out, have expired etc.

These must-have baby items are a great option for second baby gift ideas.

1) Diapers and wipes

These essential items are something moms of new babies will always need, no matter how many kids they have.

Some moms have a preference for diaper type or brand. For example, the mom might prefer cloth diapers instead of disposables or Pampers instead of Huggies.

Make sure you know what diapers or wipes to get for when baby arrives. When in doubt, get the diapers and wipes that account for allergies:

best gifts for second baby

Even if this second-time mom is interested in cloth diapering or cloth wipes, she’ll probably still appreciate having disposables available because they’re easier to manage, which is important particularly in the first month when she’s still recovering.

2) Diaper rash cream

Diaper rash is a common occurrence with newborns, so having diaper rash cream on hand is a must with a baby at home.

It’s likely the diaper rash cream with their first born has expired. Diaper rash cream typically expires one year after it’s opened.

This diaper balm is organic and works fast! It works with cloth diapers too!

best gifts for second time moms

3) Baby wash, shampoo and lotion

Babies have to take baths! Many second-time moms will need plenty of baby-safe soap to keep their new baby clean.

And don’t forget to keep baby’s skin hydrated with the help of baby-friendly lotion.

The Honest Company has this baby shampoo body and wash with lotion bundle that’s a nice gift set. It has natural ingredients.

Best new baby gifts for second baby

4) Vitamin D drops

According to the CDC, infants don’t get enough Vitamin D from breast milk. If the second baby is breastfed, they’ll need Vitamin D.

A practical gift for second babies is Vitamin D supplements. These Vitamin D Drops are what my doctor recommended for our children.

birthday gift ideas for second time mom

5) Receiving blankets

From wrapping baby to keep them warm to cleaning up spit-up, receiving blankets are an all-around useful gift idea for parents with any number of kids at home.

Muslin cloths are warm, but breathable receiving blankets, which is important for use with babies. They get softer with each wash!

I have many of them and still use these today!

birthday gifts for second child


Swaddles are wraps that make babies feel like they’re in the womb. It makes the baby sleep safely and snuggly, which means more sleep for the second-time mom.

While moms can technically use a receiving blanket as a swaddle, it’s much easier to use a product whose sole purpose is swaddling like this swaddleme swaddler.

If the baby is a wiggler and can worm their way out of blanket swaddles, the swaddleme will work best as it has velcro.

It’s also easier for diaper changes! You don’t have to undo the whole swaddle to change diapers. You just pull out the bottom flap and change the diaper!

christmas gifts for second baby

7) Onesies and pajamas

Thanks to spit-up and leaky diapers, moms of newborns go through tons of clothes on any given day.

While she might have clothes from her first born, they might not be in the best condition with all the wear and tear.

Make sure mom has plenty of onesies and pajamas at home so she doesn’t have to worry about doing a load of laundry because she ran out of clean outfits for the baby.

These pajamas are expensive, but check all the boxes as an ideal gift for babies.

They have a 2-way zipper (you don’t have to zip down from the top – making the baby cold and possibly waking up a sleeping baby – to change diapers)!

congratulations gift for 2nd baby

Another great second baby gift option are these Burt’s Bees pajamas. Here’s the girl’s version and the boy’s version.

They’re less expensive. They have 100% organic cotton, footed feet, built-in mittens and a zipper. The only thing they don’t have is a 2 way zipper.

These pajamas also have elastic around the ankles (to keep feet inside the feet area) and non-slip feet grips.

One feature that’s really difficult to find in larger sizes are the built-in mittens, which Burt’s Bees pajamas have. The only thing is that these pajamas tend to run smaller so I would go 1-2 sizes up.

gift for second baby
gift ideas for second baby

8) Bath towels and wash cloths

Having plenty of soft baby-friendly bath towels and wash cloths on hand is always a good idea with a new baby at home.

This organic baby hooded towel is a hit with my readers! I’ve heard it’s luxuriously soft! It’s thick and absorbs well.

gifts for second baby

These baby wash cloths are made of 100% organic cotton and would be another good second baby gift.

gifts for second baby shower

9) Teething toys

Having a teething baby at home is never fun. It’s likely that the teething toy from her eldest is chewed up and not usable. Make sure mom has relief for teething pain ready by giving her some teething toys when baby is born.

One of the most popular teething toys is Sophie the Giraffe. It’s made of natural hevea rubber and food grade paints.

It’s light and easy for little ones to grip. The ears and horns were my little one’s favorite parts to chew to soothe her gums.\

gifts for second time parents

10) Pacifiers

Moms of babies can never have too many pacifiers at home! She’ll need one for each room of her house, plus a few extra to replace the ones that get lost throughout the day.

As pacifiers have a short shelf life (usually less than a few months), she’ll definitely need new pacifiers regularly.

If you add a clip-on as a gift, the mom can attach the pacifier to the baby’s shirt so it doesn’t fall on the ground.

gifts for third baby

11) Crib Bedding

Help mom reduce the amount of laundry she needs to do each week by gifting her with a few extra sets of crib sheets for baby’s bed. This will especially be needed if the older child is still using a crib.

These crib sheets are great value and have a bunch of cute designs!

good gifts for 2nd child

A waterproof mattress cover protector is also handy to protect the mattress from accidents.

good gifts for second baby

12) Socks and mittens

Baby socks and protective mittens tend to get lost easily, which means a mom can never have enough of either of those items. That’s why they make such great gift ideas!

I recommend getting socks with grips as a gift. These will be useful if the baby learns how to balance and walk on hardwood or tile floors.

great gifts for second baby boy

13) Baby bottles and bottle nipples

Keeping baby fed takes a lot of gear. Make sure mom has everything she needs to keep her new baby full by giving her new baby bottles and nipples as a gift.

While she might have bottles leftover from her older child, it’s likely the bottles are not in the best condition, especially the nipples as they get chewed.

what do second-time moms need

14) Breastmilk storage bags and breast pads

Breastfeeding moms need a little extra help, no matter how many kids are at home. Breast milk storage bags are great for helping mom keep that extra milk safely stored away after she’s finished pumping.

practical baby gifts for second child

And nursing pads can help give mom some relief in between feedings.

mother of 2 gift

Gifts for Two Kids

Now that mom has two kids at home, she’s surely going to be looking for ways to make things a little easier on her. These gift ideas for two kids is a great way to simplify mom’s life when taking care of two children.

15) Gifts for the older child

When I became a second-time mom, I received a few gifts for my eldest.

I thought this was such a great idea because the eldest is likely aware of the attention the baby is getting.

Giving the older child a gift shifts the attention away from the baby. It also recognizes and honors their new role as a big sister or big brother.

My eldest daughter was 2.5 when my second baby was born. The best gifts she received were the ones that occupied her for a long time while I was busy with the baby including:

present for toddler from new baby
gifts for older siblings of new baby
gift for first child when second is born

16) Double stroller

Moms with a baby and toddler at home will love the usefulness of having a double stroller. With this handy device, she can easily push around both kids at once, making it simple for her to head out on her own with both kids.

gifts for mom of 2

17) Car organizer

Having both kids in tow means mom is going to need to have a ton of gear on hand every time she goes out.

Help her keep all those items organized in her car with the help of a backseat organizer. This easy storage solution can help her store away extra diapers, wipes, clothes, and even snacks in one handy location.

This car backseat organizer has 9 pockets – enough room to organize belongings for the first and second child.

gifts for a third time mom

18) Matching outfits

What’s cuter than seeing siblings dressed in matching outfits?

Find a cute outfit to fit the baby and older sibling so they can match each other for a cute photo opp.

gifts for second baby same gender
present for toddler from new baby

19) White noise machine

Life with two kids in the house can get loud. Make sure baby sleeps soundly with the help of a white noise machine to help block outside noise as they sleep.

gift for mom second child

20) Owlet

No matter how many children a mom has, there’s no way she can keep her eyes on baby 24 hours a day.

With the help of an Owlet, mom can monitor baby even when she’s not physically in the room with them.

gift for parents second child

21) Baby carrier

Finding ways to take care of baby’s needs without ignoring her older child will be difficult at times.

But with the help of a baby carrier, mom can hold the baby and still have two free hands to tend to her older child.

A baby carrier, baby sling, or baby wrap are all useful items to give a second-time mom.

This ergonomic carrier is what I’ve used with both children.

After reading about hip dysplasia and the importance of using a baby carrier that has a supported seated position, this carrier became my first choice.

This carrier can be used with a newborn right away at 7 lbs (without needing an additional infant insert) up to 45 lbs.

It can be configured for all carry positions including facing the baby inwards and outwards, carrying on the hip or back.

The mom can even breastfeed in it. Sometimes I found the carrier easier to use than a stroller when I was out e.g. going to a restaurant with tight spacing.

gift for second time mom

22) Backpack diaper bag

Mom is surely going to have her hands full every time she leaves the house.

And that means a traditional over-the-shoulder diaper bag probably isn’t the best option.

With a backpack diaper bag, she can have both hands free to take care of the kids when she’s out running errands. And she can easily carry everything she needs to take care of both kids all in one easy-to-carry bag.

This diaper backpack is awesome with comfortable ergonomic straps and 19 compartments. It even has a laptop/tablet specific pocket, which is handy so the mom can carry her device on the go!

gifts for second time dads

23) Baby books

Books are always a great gift idea when kids are involved.

Look for books that have beautiful pictures baby will love to look at and an interesting story to keep the older child engaged. That way, mom can entertain both children at once during story time.

You can also get a book that’s about the older child becoming a big sister or big brother. This is a great way to explain to the older child what to expect when the baby comes and guide them to be a helpful and nurturing sibling.

Here are some great big sister or big brother books:

1) I am a Big Sister!

great gifts for second baby girl

Here’s a reading so you can see what it’s like:

gifts for second baby same gender

2) I am a Big Brother!

gifts for second baby boy

Here’s a reading so you can see what it’s like. It’s basically her other book with “big sister” replaced as “big brother”.

best gift for second baby boy

3) Hello in There!: A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting

gifts for second time mom

Here’s a reading so you can see what it’s like:

baby gift for second boy

Updated Baby Products

Mom might have a few items stored away from her first baby. But if that first baby is a few years old, the baby gear mom has at home may be outdated.

These updated baby products will be a welcomed gift for any mom with outdated baby gear at home.

24) Video monitor

With the help of a video baby monitor, mom can keep an eye on baby when she’s watching the older child. An updated monitor will ensure she has a clear view of baby as she watches.

gifts for second time mums

If the two children are young and sleep in different rooms, the mom might want to have a video baby monitor with 2 cameras. That way she can monitor both kids easily.

The mom could also have the 2 cameras stationed in areas the baby frequents.

gifts for second time parents

Something to note about video monitors is that I’ve heard it gives off more radiation than audio monitors.

If this is an issue for mom, you could also gift an audio monitor.

gifts for second time mums

25) Bouncy seat

Many older models of baby bouncy seats have been recalled due to safety hazards. Make sure the second baby is safe by gifting a new bouncy seat. On top of being a safer bet than using an old seat, this gift is sure to come in handy while mom has her hands full with her other child.

This Fisher-Price chair is the bouncer I recommend gifting.

Here are the features I love about this chair:

  • It has a long lifespan – usable from 0-40 lbs.
  • It’s both a rocker and a stationary chair (immovable with a kickstand).
  • The toys hang low enough for a baby to touch.
  • The toy bar is easily removable for naps.
  • There is a vibration feature.
  • The chair is portable.
gifts for second time moms

26) Dock-A-Tot

Designed for newborns to help make co-sleeping safe, a Dock-A-Tot is a new baby item that mom probably doesn’t already have.

The rounded sides on the baby bed help create a barrier between baby and adults, helping protect baby as they sleep.

27) Handsfree breast pump

While mom might have had a few minutes to sit down and pump with first baby, she probably won’t have that option now that she has two kids to take care of.

A handsfree breast pump will help her pump when she can while still attending to the other things she needs to do throughout the day.

This is my handsfree breast pump. It’s easy to use and comfortable!

good baby gifts for second baby

Keepsake Gifts

No matter how many children a mom has, she can always use a keepsake to cherish the memory of the day her babies were born.

These cute keepsake gift ideas are perfect for moms welcoming a second baby to their home.

28) Baby book

Help the new mom keep track of baby’s milestones with the help of a baby book for her second child.

This modern baby book is classic!

It’s gender-neutral and has a linen cover! It’s detailed with sections covering pregnancy all the way up to age 5! The emphasis is on the second baby’s first year and beyond.

practical gifts for second baby

A forewarning: This book is very detailed with even pages for other people to give their accounts about the birth story. If you think the second-time mom is looking for a more straightforward and colorful book, check out this baby book instead.

push present for second child

If you think the mom will want something that’s more customizable, you could get her a classic Moleskine journal. The pages can be lined, dotted, squared or blank.

That way the second-time mom is not restricted to just writing about what the book prompts her to write. If you get the one with blank pages, she can draw pictures.

second baby gift

29) Shutterfly gift card

Or let mom make her own baby book on Shutterfly with the help of a gift card to pay for the printing and shipping costs.

30) Photo props

Mom can create some adorable photos of her second baby at home with the help of cute photo props. Photo blocks, a baby blanket with months written on it, or cute onesies for each month are perfect for taking monthly photos of baby throughout the year.

I particularly like the monthly photo blocks accessory because you can use it for many occasions. It has “weeks”, “months”, “years” and “grade” on the block. It can be used for pregnancy photos, photos of the child entering 1st grade etc.

second baby gift ideas

If the mom is creative, you could give her a chalkboard sign instead.

With a chalkboard sign, she can customize the milestones however which way she likes. She can also use the chalkboard to teach her child in the future.

second baby gifts

Instead of using standard chalk, you can give her chalk ink markers like these ones in white and these ones in color.

It comes off easily with a wet paper towel or baby wipe. It’s much clearer and bolder for photos.

second baby shower gift ideas
second time mom gifts

shower gifts for second baby
unique baby gifts for 3rd child
what to buy for second baby gift

31) First Christmas ornament

A sweet second baby gift is a first Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree to commemorate baby’s first Christmas.

what to get for second baby gift

32) Photo session

Book a newborn photo session so mom can have professional photos of her second baby to look back on. Or set up a family photo session to get pictures of the family together with their new addition.

33) Personalized sign

If you’re crafty, create a personalized sign with the names and birthdates of the family’s children. Or order a personalized sign for the family to hang on their wall.

what to get second baby for christmas

Self-Care Gifts

Although it’s common to think about the baby first when coming up with gift ideas, sometimes mom is the one that needs a new present! Make sure mom is taken care of after baby is born with one of these great self-care gift ideas for moms with a second baby.

34) Massage

Prenatal massages are great for expectant moms. Or wait until after the baby is born and let mom relax with a massage.

You can give her a gift certificate to a registered massage therapist. Alternatively, as it can be difficult to squeeze in the time with 2 little ones, you can give her a foam roller. This way she can give herself a massage whenever she has a free moment!

This foam roller is great at kneading out knots. If she prefers a firm touch that can target the trigger areas, this one is ideal.

what to get someone for 3rd baby

If she prefers a softer foam roller, this one has a more gentle compression.

second child survival kit

She can also use a heating pad. This can come in handy if she has aches and pains, which often comes from holding 2 kids!

best gifts for second time dad

35) Custom hospital gown

Make sure mom is comfortable and stylish while she’s in the hospital giving birth by giving her a beautiful custom hospital gown to wear.

ideas for a second baby shower

36) Spa time

Give mom a chance to get pampered after baby’s born with a quick trip to the spa. Don’t forget to offer to babysit the kids while she enjoys some time away.

You could also give her a DIY spa kit with

gifts second-time moms need
  • Essential oils to put in an oil diffuser to not only have her room smell nice, but to also get the benefits of being around plant life e.g. relaxation, helping her stay asleep, lifting spirits, and boosting performancegift for parents second child
second time mom gifts

37) Manicure/pedicure

Maybe the second-time mom doesn’t want a full trip to the spa.

Let her indulge in a little bit of pampering with a manicure and/or pedicure after the baby is born.

You could get her a gift certificate to a nail spa or get her a manicure set and nail polish collection so she can do it whenever she’d like.

best gifts for 3rd time moms
best second time mom gifts

38) Beauty box subscription

Instead of pampering mom once, why not let her pamper herself every month?

With the help of a beauty box subscription, she can receive new beauty products in the mail every month.

Walmart has a beauty box subscription that’s only $5/box, which is the cost of shipping and handling. It’s delivered 4 times per year. The box can be customized to the mom’s style, skin type, hair type and interests.

Amazon has a variety of monthly beauty box subscriptions available.

Prime members can get special discounts. What’s great about going through Amazon is that you can read reviews from users to be able to select the box that would best fit the second-time mom’s needs.

Unconventional Gifts for Second Baby

While giving the gift of diapers or a new gadget are great gift ideas for a second baby, sometimes you need to dig a little deeper to come up with a good gift.

Unconventional gifts are perfect for second-time moms because they’re often something that busy mom needs, but probably wouldn’t ask for.

These unconventional gift ideas are perfect for moms welcoming a new baby at home.

39) Babysitting their older child

Having two young children at home can be stressful – especially if one of those kids is a newborn.

Offer to babysit the new mom’s older child so they can take care of the baby on their own for a while.

Whether you take the older child during the baby’s nap time so mom can get some rest or you just come over and play with the older kid while mom catches up on housework, giving her a chance to take a break from double-duty parenting is sure to be a relief.

40) Clean her house

Speaking of housework – she probably doesn’t have much extra time on her hands to handle all the extra laundry or stay caught up on dirty dishes.

Give the second-time mom a chance to enjoy a few extra minutes with the baby while you take care of the housework for her.

If you can’t clean her home, consider getting a cleaning service.

Alternatively, you could get her a robot vacuum so she won’t have to push a vacuum for a while!

I have one! I’ve used it on carpets, tiles and hardwood. It also knows to avoid stairs.

I learned about this product from a fellow mom and it’s been such a time-saver!

gifts for second baby same gender

A couple things:

  • Sometimes it misses spots. If so, just run it again!
  • It occasionally gets stuck. If that happens, just reposition it.

It also doesn’t always pick up all of the cat hair.

If the mom doesn’t have pets, this robot vacuum will probably be perfect.

If she has pets, you might be better off giving her a strong cordless vacuum.

I have one of these as well. It’s quite high in price, but it’s made my life so much easier for areas the robot vacuum can’t reach like the

  • Stairs
  • Corners
  • Walls
  • Areas our cats frequently sleep and lounge in
gits for second baby different gender

41) Cook dinner

Take another task off mom’s hands by preparing a dinner or two for her.

Make-ahead meals are a great choice for second-time moms because they can keep them in the fridge or freezer and pop them in the oven when the family is ready to eat.

If you’re very generous and the family doesn’t yet have this, you could consider buying them a second freezer. We got this when our second child was born.

It provided more space for meal planning. It was a lifesaver when our fridge broke down!

While a second freezer means using more electricity, it was worth the cost for us with our growing family.

When deciding on a separate freezer, I highly recommend going with an upright freezer as opposed to a chest freezer. It’s easier to organize and see what you have. You won’t have to dig through piles of food to get to the bottom.

mom of 2 gift

42) Restaurant gift cards

Make it easy for mom and dad to order out once baby arrives with the help of a few restaurant gift cards.

Many restaurants offer to-go or delivery options, making them a great choice for parents with a new baby at home.

43) Store gift cards

While giving gift cards may not be glamorous, they are very useful to new parents. Giving them an Amazon, Wal-Mart, or grocery store gift card will make it easy for mom and dad to purchase much-needed necessities after baby arrives.

You could also get them an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime has free 2 day shipping and free access to movies, TV shows, music and books.

Second-time moms no longer have to worry about running to the store to get diapers! They can cancel their other movie, music and book subscription services. They can also get 20% off diapers and baby food when they have more than 5 subscriptions.

second baby gifts uk

44) Make a donation to a charity

If mom already has everything she needs at home, why not help her improve the life of someone else with a charitable gift?

Make the gift in the baby’s name to show how much you care.

Final Thoughts on Baby Gifts for Second Baby

If you’re looking for more ideas for second baby gifts, here’s a post on my second baby checklist with advice from several second-time and third-time moms.

To save money on the gift for the 2nd baby, before purchasing any items on Amazon, go through Rakuten (formerly Ebates) first.

Companies pay a commission to Rakuten for advertising on their site. Rakuten then shares that commission with you. Depending on the rates, you could get up to 40% of your purchase price back!

Rakuten is FREE to sign up.

For U.S. residents, Rakuten will give you a welcome bonus of $10 after making your first online purchase of $25 or more.

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Recap of Second Baby Gifts

  1. Diapers and wipes
  2. Diaper rash cream
  3. Baby wash, shampoo and lotion
  4. Vitamin D drops
  5. Receiving blankets
  6. Swaddles
  7. Onesies and pajamas
  8. Bath towels and wash cloths
  9. Teething toys
  10. Pacifiers
  11. Crib bedding
  12. Socks and mittens
  13. Baby bottles and bottle nipples
  14. Breastmilk storage bags and breast pads
  15. Gifts for the older child
  16. Double stroller
  17. Car organizer
  18. Matching outfits
  19. White noise machine
  20. Owlet
  21. Baby carrier
  22. Backpack diaper bag
  23. Baby books
  24. Video monitor
  25. Bouncy seat
  26. Dock-A-Tot
  27. Handsfree breast pump
  28. Baby book
  29. Shutterfly gift card
  30. Photo props
  31. First Christmas Ornament
  32. Photo Session
  33. Personalized sign
  34. Massage
  35. Custom hospital gown
  36. Spa time
  37. Manicure/pedicure
  38. Beauty box subscription
  39. Babysitting their older child
  40. Clean her house
  41. Cook dinner
  42. Restaurant gift cards
  43. Store gift cards
  44. Make a donation to a charity

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