What are the Best Money Books for Women?

Doing a quick search online about personal finance will result in thousands of hits.

So, why do you need to invest in books about money when there’s all this free advice available on the internet?

Because these amazing money books for women will provide you with so much more information, stories, and advice than you could ever gather from those online sources. No matter what type of financial advice you’re searching for, I guarantee there’s a great book out there to help you on your journey.

And while there are tons of great books about money and finances to choose from, not all of them provide actionable advice for women to implement.

Since we often face different financial challenges than men, it’s important to seek out financial advice that speaks to women. These financial books for women will not only help you improve your finances, but they’ll also inspire you to use those financial changes to better your life and how you live it.

Whether you’re new to financial management or are a seasoned budgeter, you can use the advice outlined in these amazing books for women. On top of providing you with assistance in managing your finances, each of these books will also give you the inspiration to stay on track or take the next step to improve your family’s finances.

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1. Smart Women Finish Rich

By David Bach

As women, we’re often faced with financial challenges that men don’t encounter. From getting paid a lower wage than our male counterparts to dealing with the stresses of our family/work dynamics, there are a variety of financial issues that women must deal with on a regular basis.

One of the toughest things women must face is the fact that being able to work through those financial stresses is essential in being a financially stable woman. And with the help of Smart Women Finish Rich, you can learn how to overcome those problems to become financially independent, no matter how many struggles you face in your daily life.

Author David Bach will challenge you to take a deep look into your personal finances and the values you have when it comes to money to help you become more financially competent. That means that none of these financial challenges will stand in your way:

  • Earning less than male coworkers
  • Outliving your husband
  • Taking time off work to care for children or aging parents
  • Saving less for your family’s future
  • Taking longer to find a job

When putting the advice from Smart Women Finish Rich into action, you’ll have the tools you need to overcome any of the financial obstacles that are put in your way during your daily life. And with those tools, you can start taking control of your money and making it work for you.

Quotes from the Book:

“Money is not an end in itself. It is merely a tool to help us achieve some particular goal. If the way we handle our money conflicts with our personal values, we are not going to wind up living happy and fulfilled lives.”

“It’s hard to be depressed when you are excited about your future, and that’s what dreams do: They make us believe that tomorrow is going to be better than today.”

“Without values, goals rarely get accomplished…Values are the key. When you understand them correctly, they will pull you toward to your dreams.”

“What determines your wealth is not how much you make but how much you keep of what you make.”

“The fact is, none of us really has a choice: We are all playing the money game whether we want to or not. The only question is: Are we winning?”

“Specificity transforms a vague dream into a concrete, achievable goals. If you can practically see, hear, feel, and smell a goal, the chances are excellent that you’ll not only know what’s required to make it real, you’ll actually do what’s required to make it real.”

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2. Women and Money

By Suze Orman

Written by New York Times bestselling author, Suze Orman, Women and Money is an inspirational book that will help you uncover the things that are standing in your way on your path toward financial freedom.

While this book does provide some practical financial advice, the purpose of this interesting read is more to help you uncover the blocks you, and many other women, place in your path. These blocks keep you from making the best decisions when it comes to money.

Women and Money outlines a financial empowerment plan designed to help you take control of the emotional aspects of money management. As you read the book, Orman will help you understand how to:

  • Protect yourself and your finances
  • Spend your money smartly, not emotionally
  • Build your wealth and your future
  • Give back to others

As you read, Orman will help you see the things in your life that may be hindering you from fully taking control of your financial future. And once you see the hurdles you put in place throughout your everyday life, you can start moving past them to create a financial plan to help you stay on track.

Quotes from the Book:

“Lasting net worth comes only when you have a healthy and strong sense of self-worth.”

“I have always said that if you undervalue what you do, the world undervalues who you are. And when you undervalue who you are, the world undervalues what you do. My experience is that women are, unfortunately, masters at both.”

“How we behave toward our money, how we treat our money, speaks volumes about how we perceive and value ourselves. If we aren’t powerful with money, we aren’t powerful period.”

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3. Women with Money

By Jean Chatzky

From learning how to get paid what you’re worth to taking charge of your finances to invest in your future, Women with Money can provide you with a solid foundation for financial success.

Bestselling author Jean Chatzky uses conversations with real women about money, along with solid financial advice from the world’s top economists, psychiatrists, and financial planners to create a three-step plan outlined in her book. The research-backed financial plan helps readers:

  • Explore their personal relationship with money
  • Take control of their finances
  • Use the money they have to create the life they want

The simple plan will provide you with an outline for financial success through candid and actionable advice you can put into place in your own life. Whether you’re interested in increasing your salary at work or earning more money by starting a business, Women with Money can empower you to take action when it comes to your personal finances.

Quotes from the Book:

“Women have more money – and more power – than ever before.”

“Women are very clear about what we want from our money. We want to satisfy our needs for safety and security. We want to increase the time and freedom we have to pursue the things we want to do and offload those we don’t. We want choices in career, education, community. We want control. We want to pay it forward. And, yes, we want nice stuff – there is absolutely nothing wrong with nice stuff.”

“You’re not just doing it for an investment, you’re doing it for enjoyment. So, realize that for what it is. If you are going to buy a bigger house because you love to entertain, realize all your other expenses will increase as well. Your whole footprint gets bigger. And then it’s hard to pull back if you haven’t saved enough for retirement.”

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4. Clever Girl Finance

By Bola Sokunbi

With the help of Clever Girl Finance, you’ll finally be able to take control of your finances and achieve financial independence.

This helpful money guide for women will provide you with the steps you need to get out of debt, start saving for your retirement, and building more wealth using the money you already have. In addition to providing readers with actionable tasks to work through their finances in a lighthearted and accessible way, this guide also helps empower women to navigate their own finances without fear.

Clever Girl Finances outlines solid financial advice any woman can implement into her own life, including:

  • How to monitor your expenses 
  • How to build a budget and stick to it
  • Tips for stretching your money each month
  • Ways to clean up your credit score and reduce credit card debt
  • How to build your savings and invest in your future
  • Steps for starting a side hustle to increase your income
  • Help in transforming your money mindset

Author Bola Sokunbi uses her own personal money mistakes and financial stories to help guide readers through the steps in the book, making the information outlined on the pages even more relatable.

You’ll also be inspired by the real-world stories of other readers who have had success with the program that are sprinkled throughout the book.

Quotes from the Book:

“Plan for what makes you happy.”

“It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about what you do with what you have.”

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5. Clever Girl Finance: Grow Your Money

By Bola Sokunbi

After you have a handle on your day-to-day finances, you’ll be ready to take the next steps to start growing your money through investing. But if you have never invested before, taking that first step can be a confusing process.

With the help of the second book in the Clever Girl series, Clever Girl Finance: Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money, you can learn all about the basics of personal investing. The no-nonsense approach to financial growth outlined in the book is a simple way to get started growing your money, even with no investing experience.

Grow Your Money outlines the basic foundation of personal investing, making it a great read for women who are new to investing. As you read the book, you’ll learn:

  • How investing works and the steps you should take to get started
  • Tips for investing money to build long-term wealth, even when you earn a small salary
  • Investment pitfalls to avoid to be a successful investor

The steps outlined in this investing guide for women will teach you how to use the money you’re already earning to build wealth with the help of investments. Not only will you learn the basics of how investing works to your advantage, but you’ll also find out insider tips for making the most of each dollar you invest.

On top of learning common mistakes many beginner investors make, you can also figure out how to build a nest egg by making your money work for you.

Quotes from the Book:

“Clever girls know…assessing your options is a foundational step for successful investing.”

“When you are well prepared you are better able to recognize opportunities.”

best money management books for women

6. Secrets of Six-Figure Women

By Barbara Stanny

Have you ever wondered what makes millionaire women tick?

With the help of Secrets of Six-Figure Women, you can find out! In spite of the fact that many women make much less than their male counterparts in the workforce, there are more women earning six-figures than ever before.

Author Barbara Stanny researched this phenomenon by interviewing those successful women to understand their rise to success. And while she saw that those women all come from different backgrounds and different experiences, they all had a few characteristics in common.

Using the insight from those interviews, Stanny outlines a variety of lessons you can learn from those successful women to help improve your own financial situation. In the pages of her book, she provides readers with an inspirational guide to achieving more and making the money you already have work for you.

Quotes from the Book:

“Feel the Fear. Have the Doubts. Go for It Anyway.”

“There’s nothing magic about this. It’s a universal law: Our state of mind shapes our way of life.”

“While “intention” is a magnet that attracts what we want, “letting go” provides the space for our desire to manifest.”

“We crave and fear becoming truly ourselves.”

“I saw that six-figure women have two specific types of support that underearners seemed to lack – True Believers, people who recognize their potential and offer encouragement, and Way Showers, people who provide the map and serve as proof that success is possible.”

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7. Smart Women Love Money

By Alice Finn

If you’re a woman who struggles with finances, Smart Women Love Money will be a great read for you.

Whether you find yourself zoning out during financial discussions or simply rely on someone else to take care of your finances for you, this helpful guide may change your mind about managing your own money.

Author Alice Finn outlines five simple rules for you to follow to take charge of your money, making the task of managing your own finances seem a little less overwhelming.

In the pages of her book, Finn wants to help you create a new mindset when it comes to money by showing you the power of investing. She uses her 20 years of financial experience to share five proven strategies you can use to invest your money including:

  • Investing in stocks for long-term financial gain
  • Allocating your assets to get the most out of your returns
  • Taking advantage of passive income with the help of index funds
  • Rebalancing your investments regularly to stay on track
  • Reducing your expenses by keeping your fees low

Each step is outlined in easy to follow language, making it a great book choice for anyone new to investing. After following her step-by-step guide you’ll be better equipped to handle your finances and make adjustments through each stage of your life, from buying your first house to enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Introduction In The Book:

“Love. We all know what love feels like. When you love people, you love having them around. You take pleasure in nourishing them and watching them grow and thrive. You are committed to them and their well-being, and you want them to achieve their full potential. In a word, you treasure them…Now, take a moment to consider: when was the last time you felt this way about money?”

“When I was brainstorming a title for this book, someone proposed Smart Women Love Money and, I’ll admit, I cringed a bit. Even as someone who works with money for a living, who helps clients invest their assets precisely so they can have more money in the future, I was fully aware of the emotions most women have when it comes to money. In contrast to the phrase “smart men love money,” which seems like a neutral, self-evident statement, saying “smart women love money” evokes a different reaction. Women might like money – they like getting a raise or a bonus, saving money by bargain hunting, and having some extra cash set aside for a rainy day – but few, if any, women I know would say they love money.”

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8. Knowing Your Value

By Mika Brzezinski

Have you ever wondered why women are so often overlooked and underpaid in the workplace?

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski set out to find the answer to that question in her book Knowing Your Value.

Through interviews with women in a range of career fields about their rise to success, Brzezinski uncovered valuable information regarding women in the business place. In her book, she uses a blend of personal stories and research to help women understand the reasons why the wage gap exists and what we can do to fix the problem.

By rethinking how we view ourselves in the workplace and the ways we attempt to get the recognition we deserve, we can begin to start to transform the way women are perceived and valued in the workplace. And with the help of this money book for women, you can use the tactics outlined to improve your own financial position.

Quotes from the Book:

“Knowing your value means owning your success. Owning your success means acknowledging your achievements. By acknowledging achievements you build confidence.”

“If we can’t quantify and communicate our value with confidence, the achievements of the tremendous women before us will have all been for nothing.”

“Women expect that if you do really well, someone will recognize your performance and will reward you accordingly.”

“What makes a persuasive argument are solid facts and figures about what you’ve done and what other people, with the same skills and experience and accomplishments, are making for the same job.”

“Because if you don’t demand what you are worth and if you don’t communicate it well, you won’t be treated fairly, and the relationship will ultimately die.”

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9. Your Money or Your Life

By Vicki Robin

For more than two decades, Your Money or Your Life has been a popular book for helping women take control of their life by learning how to take control of their finances. The nine-step program outlined in the book can help you live more deliberately by understanding and taking charge of your financial future. 

Author Vicki Robin uses the pages of her book to provide readers with a financial framework that will help them improve all aspects of their life, not just their money. The easy-to-follow plan will teach you how to:

  • Get out of debt and increase your family’s savings
  • Use mindfulness and good habits to save money instead of relying on a strict budget
  • Declutter your finances and your life to learn how to live better with less
  • Create wealth by investing your savings

And while this classic book has been a popular read for many years, the newly updated version provides you with even more sound financial advice.

The book’s updates include additional information on modern money topics, like earning more money through side hustles, tips for managing your finances online, and investing in index funds to grow your wealth.

Quotes from the Book:

“He who knows he has enough is rich.”

“Consumption seems to be our favorite high, our nationally sanctioned addiction, the all-American form of substance abuse.”

“The key is remembering that anything you buy and don’t use, anything you throw away, anything you consume and don’t enjoy is money down the drain, wasting your life energy and wasting the finite resources of the planet. Any waste of your life energy means more hours lost to the rat race, making a dying. Frugality is the user-friendly and earth-friendly lifestyle.”

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10. Rich Woman

By Kim Kiyosaki

Becoming financially independent without the help of your partner is a great goal to have, no matter where you are in life. And with the help of Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki, wife of best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, you can be well on your way to achieving your own financial freedom.

In her book, Kim applies the same financial strategies outlined in her husband’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, from a woman’s perspective. From learning investment strategies to implementing money management strategies, you can learn a variety of helpful tactics for taking control of your own finances.

Through the roadmap outlined in her easy-to-read book, you can begin investing in yourself – no matter what your financial background or experience is. With the information provided in Rich Women, you can learn how to use investing to create a comfortable retirement for yourself and even become financially free from your employer.

Quotes from the Book:

“If fear can prevent us from potential vital danger, it can also be lethal – kills our dreams, chances, personal development and passion, prevent us from living our life at maximum.”

“Words are powerful instruments. Handle them and your understanding level of new information will grow in a spectacular way.”

“Taking care of you” doesn’t mean to award yourself with a new pair of shoes or spending beyond measure on a trip to Tahiti. It actually means to take care of your financial future.”

“In order to win, sometimes you have to do things that are uncomfortable, difficult, and even scary.”

“Money can make a difference. Money shouldn’t make you different.”

“Ultimately money buys you one of two things: it buys you slavery or it buys your freedom.”

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11. You are a Badass at Making Money

By Jen Sincero

Part of a three-book series, You Are a Badass at Making Money is a life-changing guide to help women harness their earning power to create the life of their dreams.

Jen Sincero provides readers with a way to move past their fears when it comes to money and success, allowing you to transform the way you think about your earning potential. Through funny personal essays and easy-to-understand financial advice, she’ll teach you concepts that will help you unlock your earning potential.

You Are a Badass will help you learn to:

  • Uncover the things that are holding you back from earning more money
  • Ways to remove your doubts and fears surrounding your finances
  • Tips for thinking about money in a new way
  • How to tap into your natural abilities to help you grow your money

In addition to providing you with solid financial advice, this book also gives you the inspiration to move out of your comfort zone to improve your financial situation once and for all.

Aimed at inspiring you to make the most of the talents you already have, Sincero’s book will give you a fresh perspective on how you view your finances. With a new outlook, you can start harnessing your power to earn more money to improve your financial situation.

Quotes from the Book:

“Your heart is the most powerful muscle in your body. Do what it says.”

“You can have excuses or you can have success; you can’t have both.”

“What you can and can’t afford is all in your mind.”

“Believe that you are worthy of financial freedom. Do something you love and then all you ever have to do is be yourself to succeed. If you sell something you love, then you just sell love, not a specific product or service, and that will show.”

“There is no lack of things to be grateful for if you remember to pay attention.”

“When you don’t investigate what’s going on with your words, thoughts, and beliefs, you risk stumbling through life on autopilot.”

“We’ve been raised to believe that you have to work hard to make money, and certainly there are times when this is true, but the real secret is you have to take huge, uncomfy risks. You have to do stuff you’ve never done before, to make yourself visible, to acknowledge your own.”

“Pay attention to the things you’re drawn to, the things you’re good at, the things you lose yourself in, the things that make you stand up and say, “My foot! I can’t feel my foot!” because you’ve been sitting in the same position for hours, totally engrossed.”

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Final Thoughts on the Best Financial Books for Women

I hope these finance books written by female authors will inspire you to take better control of your financial future.

On a related note:

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To save money, you can listen to many of these books through Audible’s 30 day trial, which gets you up to 2 FREE books!

Audible, an Amazon company, has the world’s largest selection of digital audio books. Even if you cancel within the free trial period, the books are yours to keep!

Recap of the Best Money Books for Women

  1. Smart Women Finish Rich
  2. Women and Money
  3. Women with Money
  4. Clever Girl Finance
  5. Clever Girl Finance: Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money
  6. Secrets of Six-Figure Women
  7. Smart Women Love Money
  8. Knowing Your Value
  9. Your Money or Your Life
  10. Rich Woman
  11. You Are a Badass at Making Money

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