What are the best princess room ideas on a budget?

Do you have a princess fan at home?

A princess theme is a great option for any child who loves princesses, castles and royalty.

Whether your kid is a Disney lover or just likes to dress up, decorating their bedroom with royal style is sure to be a popular choice.

But if you’re low on funds, you’re going to need some cheap decorating ideas!

As you put together a plan for your child’s room, try these cute princess room ideas on a budget.

Little girl princess bedroom ideas

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Princess Room Ideas on a Budget

The cheapest way to find princess décor items is to get them used through yard sales, flea markets and second-hand shops.

The disadvantage with trying to find used princess theme items is that you don’t always find what you want.

Shopping online at sites like Amazon can help you find the best cheap accents that will fit your princess theme.

Below are princess room ideas you can get on Amazon to give your kid’s room the royal treatment – even if you’re on a budget.

1) Decorate with stickers.

We all know how fickle a child’s tastes can be.

So, while your kid is into princesses now, they may move on to something new within a couple years.

To make it simple to redecorate without damage, try using wall stickers.

Wall sticker art is a simple way to add some princess décor to the walls without the need to hang art or completely redecorate the room.

Try these cute princess wall stickers for a quick and painless decorating option:

  • Disney princess stickers: If you have a Disney fan at home, using Disney princess wall stickers is a great idea. Add their favorite princess to their walls to easily decorate the room.
Princess room décor ideas
  • Princess castle: Every princess needs a castle. With a princess castle sticker, your child can have their own kingdom in their room.
Princess bedroom for little girl
  • Personalized crown: Make sure everyone knows which princess sleeps in this room with the help of a personalized crown sticker to put on the wall.
Girly princess bedroom ideas
  • Rainbow princess stickers: Add some pops of color to your child’s bedroom walls with the help of wall stickers featuring rainbows, unicorns, and princess castles.
Inexpensive princess room decor

2) Use stencils.

Another simple way to decorate your walls with a princess design is with the help of stencils.

Even the least artistic parent can add style to a room with a few stencils.

Simply paint the walls a solid color, then decorate them with different designs using princess stencils.

Go a couple of shades lighter or darker than the wall color for a subtle look. Or choose bold, bright color to make your stencil design stand out.

Try these princess wall stencils to add a royal look to your child’s room:

  • Princess crown stencil: Add a cute princess crown to your child’s wall with the help of this cute crown stencil.
Princess room on a budget
  • Madala stencils: With the help of mandala stencils, you can add a unique design to your child’s bedroom walls to give it a royal look.
Affordable princess rooms
  • Victorian wall stencil: Give your child’s room a more regal look without spending a ton of money with a Victorian inspired wall stencil.
Affordable princess room ideas on a budget
  • Floral stencils: Decorate your kid’s walls with flowers to create a more feminine design using a set of floral stencils.
Affordable princess room ideas
  • Damask wall stencils: Create the look of wallpaper with paint by using a pretty damask wall stencil on your child’s walls.
Affordable princess room décor ideas

3) Add texture with tulle.

From tutus to princess dresses, tulle is a popular fabric choice for kids.

And it also works well as a decorative element in a princess room.

The cheap fabric can be used for curtains or to make a canopy for your child’s bed.

These cute tulle decorations are perfect for adding a feminine touch to your child’s room:

  • Pink tulle: Grab a 100-yard roll of pink tulle for under $10, then create some beautiful decorations for your child’s princess room.
Affordable princess room décor
  • Tulle bed skirt: Give your child’s bed a princess look with the help of a budget-friendly tulle bed skirt.
Affordable princess room
  • Tulle canopy: Create a royal look for your child’s bed – even if you’re on a budget. A four-corner canopy made from sheer tulle adds style without the need to overspend.
Princess room cheap

4) Get creative with lighting.

Adding a pretty light fixture or cute lamp is a simple way to dress up the space when you’re on a budget.

You can find a vintage chandelier at a second-hand shop to give your child’s room a princess look or purchase a budget-friendly option to decorate the room like one of these cheap light fixture options:

  • Pink chandelier: The sparkling pink crystals on this budget-friendly light fixture make it a great choice for any princess room.
Cheap princess themed room
  • Beaded light: For a more subtle look, try this pink beaded flush-mount light fixture to catch the eye without taking away from the rest of the décor.
Princess bedroom ideas on a budget
  • Crystal rain drops: Add a classic look to your kid’s princess room with the help of a crystal chandelier featuring rain drop style crystals.
How to decorate a little girl’s room on a budget
  • Unicorn lamp: Create a whimsical look your child’s room with the help of a cute and colorful unicorn marquee lamp.
How do you decorate a little girl’s room on a budget?
  • Princess carriage lamp: Set a Cinderella theme for your kid’s bedroom with the help of an adorable pink princess carriage lamp.
Princess room ideas on a budget
  • Chandelier lamp: Instead of hanging a chandelier on the ceiling, add some class to your child’s room with the help of a pink chandelier lamp.
Beautiful princess room

5) Decorate with flowers.

Adding floral elements to your princess room is a great way to add texture and color to the space.

And since faux flowers are often inexpensive, you can find some great options to use in your décor.

Check out the floral section at your dollar store to find some flower options for DIY decorations or use these cheap flower decorations for your child’s room:

  • Paper flowers: Add some pink floral décor to your child’s bedroom walls with the help of 3D paper flowers.
Little girl princess room
  • Floral vines: Create a romantic look in your child’s princess room by decorating with floral vines.
Baby princess room ideas
  • Flower garland: Garlands are another simple way to dress up a wall in your child’s bedroom.
Princess girl room design
  • Floral string lights: Add flowers and lights by decorating with a strand of floral string lights in your child’s princess room.
Princess room design

6) Dress up the space with ruffles.

A princess themed room needs a feminine touch.

And what could be more feminine than layers of ruffles?

And the best part about this decorative element is that you can use it in a variety of locations throughout the room.

To add some pretty ruffles to your kid’s room, try some of these adorable ruffled decorations:

  • Ruffled duvet: Dress up your child’s bed with the help of a ruffled duvet and a set of pink pillow cases.
Princess room for little girl
  • Layered curtain panels: Soften the look of the windows in your child’s room with a pair of ruffled curtain panels.
Princess themed bedroom ideas
  • Rose ruffled pillow: The floral ruffles on this pink pillow would make the perfect addition to any princess room.
Princess girl room décor
  • Ruffled throw blanket: For a feminine look on your child’s bed, top their bedspread with a pretty pink ruffled throw blanket.
Girl princess room décor

7) String up some fairy lights.

Another fun way to dress up the room and add some lighting to the space is with fairy lights.

And since you can find these tiny lights in a variety of shapes and colors, you’re sure to find a style that’s perfect for your princess room.

These adorable fairy lights would look so cute in a princess themed bedroom:

  • Colorful rope lights. String up a set of rainbow rope lights around the room to add shimmering colors throughout the space.
Design a princess room
  • Star lights: Light up the ceiling of your child’s room with the help of twinkling star string lights.
Decorating a princess bedroom
  • Pink globe lights: You can’t go wrong by adding more pink to your princess room with the help of some pink globe fairy lights.
Little girl princess bedroom ideas
  • Rose lights: Create a soft look and add more lighting to your child’s room with a set of rose string lights.
Affordable Princess Room Ideas

8) Soften the floor with a rug.

While full-sized rugs can sometimes be expensive, there are some budget-friendly options to consider for dressing up the floor in your child’s room.

Make sure the rug is soft and durable to ensure it holds up to wear and tear from your child sitting and playing on it.

A solid-colored rug is a great way to decorate the floor without drawing attention to it. Or decorate with a rug with a fun design to add to your overall princess theme.

These kid-friendly rugs are a great choice for decorating your child’s room:

  • Princess castle rug: The adorable design on this princess castle rug makes it perfect for decorating the room and using as a play mat.
Inexpensive Princess Room Ideas
  • Pink shag rug: Shag rugs are a great option for a kid’s room because they add texture and a comfortable place for your kids to play.
Best Princess Room Ideas On A Budget
  • Damask rug: Give your child’s princess room a more elegant look with a damask rug, featuring a pink vintage design.
Princess room ideas on a budget
  • Fluffy rainbow rug: Add some color to the bedroom floor with a bright rainbow rug in your child’s room.
Princess bedroom ideas on a budget

9) Make your storage do double duty.

With everything that needs to be stored in your kid’s room, having some good storage options is essential.

But just because you need to have storage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Finding budget-friendly storage pieces that also serve as decoration or furniture can help add to your princess theme and keep your child’s room neat and clean at the same time.

These handy storage pieces can do double-duty in your kid’s room:

  • Pink storage ottoman: Add toy storage and seating to your child’s room with the help of a storage ottoman.
How to decorate a little girl’s room on a budget
  • Decorative pink basket: Keep toys sorted in style with the help of a cute decorative basket that fits the room’s theme.
Cheap princess themed room
  • Unicorn bean bag chair: Store away all your child’s stuffed animals and add a cute unicorn seat to your child’s room with a stuffed animal storage bean bag chair.
Affordable princess room décor
  • Rainbow bin: Decorate your child’s room with some color and keep their toys stored away with the help of a cute rainbow toy bin.
Affordable princess room décor ideas
  • Disney princess bins: Add your child’s favorite princesses to their room while also keeping their toys stored away with the help of Disney princess storage bins, which fit inside traditional cube storage shelves.
Affordable princess room ideas

How Do I Decorate My Child’s Room on a Budget?

Finding ways to create an amazing room for your kid without spending a ton of money is sometimes easier said than done.

When you work through the range of princess room on a budget ideas, it can seem like the expenses just keep adding up.

But there are a few additional ways you can save money as you decorate – and some of them don’t cost a thing!

Try these simple decorating tips to help you save money as you create your princess room:

1) Pick the right paint color.

Painting will always be the most budget-friendly way to update a room.

But for your wall color to really make an impact in your kid’s room, it needs to be the perfect shade and the perfect paint.

As you’re planning your princess room, think about the colors typically associated with this decorating theme – pink and purple.

Then, consider how you’ll use other elements to decorate the room and how those elements will work with the color of your walls.

Try a muted shade.

While it may be tempting to pick a bright, vibrant color for your princess room, a muted shade may be a better option.

Light pinks or purples can be matched with other elements more easily, ensuring that all your decorations go together without clashing.

Get a paint and primer in one.

Although paint and primer combinations may cost a little more, they’ll save you tons of time and effort as you paint.

Using a paint with primer already mixed in will help reduce the number of coats you’ll need to cover the wall, as well as reduce the overall amount of paint you need to finish the job.

Purchase washable paint.

Since you’ll be painting a kid’s room, it’s important to make sure the paint you’re using is washable.

Washable paint is much easier to clean, allowing you to simply wipe up messes on your kid’s bedroom walls after they happen.

Investing in washable paint will ensure you don’t need to repaint your walls again in a year when your current paint job is dirty or damaged.

Try semi-gloss paint.

Paint with more gloss is easier to clean than flat paint, making it a good option for a kid’s room.

When deciding on the finish of your paint, eggshell or semigloss paint is your best bet for ensuring the walls can be cleaned easily.

2) Stick with a twin bed.

While it may be tempting to upgrade your child to a bigger bed, using a twin bed is the most space-efficient option in a kid’s room.

Since you’ll need to store additional items in the room, like toys and clothes, having the extra floor space is a must.

And with a twin bed in the room, you’ll also save money on bedding and mattress costs, since smaller sized sheets and blankets often cost much less than full or queen sets.

3) Save what you can.

If you have things currently in your child’s bedroom, think about what you can reuse in the space.

Could a dresser be repainted in a new color?

Are there wall decorations that could fit the theme?

Take a look at each decorative item in the room right now to see what will work and what won’t before tossing things aside.

4) Sell what you don’t want.

To help increase your budget for redecorating, list the things in your kid’s room that you won’t be using for sale online or at a yard sale.

Items they’ve outgrown, like their toddler bed or crib, can be sold to someone new, allowing you to use that money to purchase some new decorations for the room.

Related: Here’s how to host a yard sale to make the most amount of money.

5) Upcycle furniture.

A quick look online and you’ll see you can find tons of great deals on used furniture.

Instead of heading to the furniture store to buy princess-themed furniture for your kid’s room, try DIYing the style on old or used furniture pieces.

Purchase used furniture that may need a little TLC, then fix it up and give it a new coat of paint.

You can add princess details to the furniture by using princess-colored paint or use stencils to add some royal designs to the pieces.

6) Learn to sew.

Another great DIY option for decorating your kid’s room is to sew some new textiles.

Throw pillows, quilts, and window treatments are all decorative elements that quickly add up when you purchase them new at the store.

Try your hand at sewing those items instead to save money and create some unique pieces to add to your child’s room.

7) Shop your house.

Take a look around your house to see if there are any items in other rooms that could be transferred to your child’s room.

In addition to finding items that can be used as-is, it’s also a good idea to look for things that can be updated or changed to fit the theme.

8) Find cheap wall art.

Do a quick search online to see if you can find any free princess printables. Or head to Etsy to search for printable décor you can purchase and download for a few dollars.

With the help of these cheap decorations, you can easily dress up your child’s bedroom walls without spending a ton of money.

After you’ve found some great downloads, look for some old picture frames in your home or at your favorite thrift store.

Use spray paint to update the frames, then place your free artwork inside to decorate the walls or tabletops.

9) Put toys on display.

If your child is a fan of princesses, why not use their favorite princess toys as decorations?

Create a cute display for your child’s favorite princess dresses.

Decorate the top of the dresser with dolls or hang your child’s princess jewelry on the wall.

Using their toys as part of the decoration not only dresses up the space using items you already have, but it also lets your kids keep all their favorite things in view every time they’re in their room.

10) Decorate with books.

Another great (and cheap) way to use items you already have in your kid’s room is to decorate the space with their favorite princess books.

Use the covers of the books as wall art by framing them or placing the books in a shadow box. Or create simple wall-mounted bookshelves so your kid can show off their amazing princess book collection.

Inexpensive princess room decor

11) Hang photos on the wall.

Kids love looking at photos, but most parents don’t think about using photos as decorations in a kid’s room.

Have some family photos printed and put them in frames to decorate the room with pictures of your child’s favorite people.

Or set up a princess photo session in your backyard and take photos of your kid wearing their favorite princess dress. Print out the best ones, frame them, and put them on display in your child’s princess room.

This is my favorite way to display photos! This display is easier to use than traditional photo frames! You can include different size photos!

You don’t even have to put photos on there if you don’t want to. Post notes or cards. It’s up to you!

Affordable princess room ideas on a budget

12) Let your child get artistic.

Another great way to find cheap artwork for your kid’s room is to let your child make it themselves.

Ask your little one to create drawings or paintings to hang in the space. They’ll be proud to see their work hanging on their wall and you’ll save a ton of money on wall art.

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