Money Affirmations That Work Fast To Attract Money, Wealth, And Abundance

Money affirmations

Do money affirmations really work? Can affirmations make you rich fast?

I used to think it was a bunch of hocus pocus until I started to notice the impact it has on others.

There are a few people in my life who have “never been good with money.” Those are their words – not mine.

They would constantly say things like:

  • I don’t think it’s possible to make more money, given my situation.
  • Wealth is only bestowed upon a lucky few.
  • It’s just how it is. Money goes out as fast as it comes in.
  • Money is the root of all evil. More money will lead to more problems.

Over and over again, they would say these negative money statements.

I have since started to recognize these as MONEY AFFIRMATIONS. Why?

powerful mantra to attract money


Because over time, you could see these people were BECOMING what they were BELIEVING.

They had little savings and no plans to change their financial situation.

They would often complain about not having enough money, but didn’t think they needed to change.

They didn’t think their mindset was holding them back. They didn’t think they needed to improve their personal finance knowledge and capabilities.

They were sabotaging themselves.

As a result, their financial situations stayed the same.

What is a money affirmation?

Money affirmations or money mantras are a statement or thought about money in your life.

As you can see, there are negative money affirmations.

There are also positive money affirmations to attract wealth into your life.

These work very well to adapt a positive mindset about money, achieve your financial goals, and elevate your financial wellness.

You need to tell yourself that you’re worthy of wealth and you’re capable of creating more positive feelings towards money. 

Then you need to take action.

But it starts with your beliefs. It starts with your mind being in the right place and having a healthy relationship with money.

Because your mindset – how you think about yourself, your abilities and potential – is powerful. It can give you the energy, perspective and intention to hold you back or propel you forward.

How does this differ from visualization?

While affirmations are statements, visualizations are when you picture where you want to be and who you want to become.

You imagine what it’s like to reach that point in your life. What it looks like. What it feels like.

“Everyone visualizes whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success.” – Rhonda Byrne, Author of The Secret

Just like affirmations, visualization is a powerful tool.

It’s one of the success techniques that many millionaires have used as part of their morning routines (If you’re looking for a morning routine that will help you reach your goals, check out the book Miracle Morning.

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What are positive money affirmations?

A good money affirmation is, for example, “I want to pay off my mortgage” because it:

1) Contains positive words.

It doesn’t contain negative words (e.g., “don’t do…” or “I will not…”) or words that imply negativity (e.g., quit, stop).


For example, it’s not “I don’t have a mortgage.” Even though a positive and a negative statement might mean the same thing – the sentiment is different. It’s a subtle difference.

You’re more likely to focus on “doing an action” as opposed to “not doing an action.” It’s like how whenever I tell my daughter, “No, don’t touch the,” she doesn’t listen to me. This approach doesn’t work for toddlers in the same way it doesn’t work for adults.

2) Is in the present tense.

It’s not the future or past tense.

For example, it’s not “I will pay off my mortgage.” This statement might mean you’ll focus on paying off your mortgage in the distant future. You want to focus on this statement now.

3) Is stated as a fact.

It’s not stated as an opinion.

For example, it’s not “I want to pay off my mortgage.” When it’s stated as a fact, it’s set in stone and isn’t a wavering thought.

Another best practice is to make your affirmation about gratitude for your situation. You want to appreciate what you have and build on it.

The key to the law of attraction, especially for financial success, is to focus on positive affirmations.

How do you make money affirmations work fast?

How can I attract money immediately?

When you think of how money affirmations are done, you might visualize a person standing in front of a mirror talking to him or herself.

This might seem strange. You don’t have to do it this way (feel free to do it like this if you’d like!)

You can write it down in your journal.

Or post it on your whiteboard, computer screensaver, or desktop. (I have a whiteboard in the front entryway. I pass by it multiple times a day. It’s the perfect place for affirmations, goals, reminders, etc.)

positive affirmations for success and wealth

Or you can mix things up and sing it while you’re driving in the car. Think about them when you’re doing yoga. Share them with your friends.

The key to making money affirmations work fast is to do it multiple times a day. Everyday. Even if you’re feeling negative or unhappy.

Everyone has their bad days. During these difficult times, you can use the money affirmation to turn your mood around.

The more you repeat it, the quicker you will change your mindset and previous beliefs.

You want to be consistent with it until you start to wonder why you weren’t thinking this way all along…

List of Money Affirmations that Can Work Fast

How do you write affirmations for money?

Here’s a list of powerful money affirmations.

I should say…

Some of these affirmations might seem really far outside of your realm of thinking and reality.

For example, # 7 is “I am a magnet for money.” You might be thinking, “Me, a magnet for money? That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

But that’s okay.

The idea of a money affirmation is to open yourself up to the possibility. To change how you think about yourself and your capabilities and potential to create money.

affirmations to attract money

While you might not be a money magnet now and can’t imagine yourself as one, don’t shut off your mind to the prospect that you can become one if that’s what you ultimately want.

By taking away this option in your mind, you’re not even giving yourself the chance. Embrace the possibility!

I recommend going through this list and selecting a few that speak to you.

Alternatively, you could use these as a starting point to create a personal affirmation customized to your situation or focus this year.

Money affirmations about attracting wealth

1. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

2. I embrace new avenues of income.

3. I attract money in my sleep.

4. There are no limits to the amount of money I make.

5. Money comes to me in miraculous ways.

6. I am open to receiving wealth in many ways.

7. I am a magnet for money.

8. Prosperity is drawn to me.

9. I attract money to me.

10. I always have more than enough money.

11. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

12. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

13. I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life.

powerful money affirmations

14. Wealth constantly flows into my life.

15. I am aligned with the energy of wealth.

16. My actions create constant prosperity.

17. People love to give me money.

18. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.

19. I am worthy of a wealthy life.

20. My mind can’t stop visualizing and attracting more money.

21. I am surrounded by wealth.

22. I deserve prosperity.

23. Money comes to me naturally.

24. I have a wealth mindset.

25. Wealth floats around me daily.

26. My wallet is overflowing with money.

27. I release every block that holds me back from receiving prosperity.

28. Every day, I am becoming richer.

29. Financial doors keep opening for me.

30. Wealth is pouring into my life.

31. I am worthy of making more money.

32. I am wealthy.

33. I am in control of my financial destiny.

34. I effortlessly attract financial abundance.

35. My bank account is a reflection of my abundant mindset.

36. I am a master at creating wealth and success.

37. The universe conspires to bring me wealth and prosperity.

38. Every day, in every way, I am attracting more wealth.

39. My wealth grows as I continue to expand my horizons.

40. I am a money magnet, drawing riches to me with ease.

41. Wealth is my birthright, and I claim it with gratitude.

42. I see opportunities for financial gain everywhere I look.

43. The more money I make, the more I can contribute to others.

44. I am open to abundance and abundance is open to me.

45. My financial potential is limitless, and I tap into it effortlessly.

46. I am a vessel of abundance, and it flows through me generously.

47. Prosperity and success follow me in all my endeavors.

48. My wealth is a force for positive change in my life and the world.

49. I am aligned with the vibration of wealth, and it flows harmoniously to me.

50. I attract wealth by being my authentic and abundant self.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s a video summary:

money affirmations

Money affirmations about having an abundance mindset

51. I release any limiting beliefs about money and success.

52. I am deserving of abundance in my life.

53. I love my positive, happy, abundant life.

54. Life is abundant.

55. I can feel my abundance growing daily.

56. I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking.

57. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.

58. I live an abundant life.

59. I radiate abundance.

60. I am financially abundant.

61. I allow myself to always be drenched in financial abundance.

62. I only think thoughts of abundance.

63. Abundance is a natural state of being for me.

64. My bank account is constantly growing, reflecting my abundance.

65. I embrace change and am open to new opportunities for financial growth.

66. My positive thoughts and actions are creating an abundant reality.

67. My positive money mindset attracts like-minded people and opportunities.

68. I release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve my financial growth.

69. I am open to learning and growing in my financial journey.

70. Money is a tool I use to create a positive impact in the world.

71. My mind is attuned to the frequency of wealth and prosperity.

72. Money is my friend, and it supports my dreams and goals.

73. I release fear and worry around money, embracing trust instead.

Money affirmations about being grateful

74. Thank you for the money I have.

75. I am grateful for everything I receive.

76. I am grateful for the money I have and the money that’s on its way to me.

77. I am grateful for all of the money flowing into my life.

78. I see abundance all around me and am grateful.

79. I gratefully accept all of the wealth I receive every day.

80. I am grateful for all of the abundance in my life.

81. Every day, I thank the universe for all of the money I have.

82. I focus on the best in everyone and everything, and the best appears abundantly for me.

83. Showing gratitude tells the universe I am ready to receive more in my life.

money abundance affirmations

84. Thankfulness keeps me connected to universal abundance and riches.

85. I am appreciative of the substantial amount of money I earn.

86. I am grateful for the lessons and growth that come with my financial journey.

87. Gratitude is the key to unlocking more abundance, and I practice it daily.

88. I am thankful for the lessons money has taught me throughout my life.

89. I express gratitude for my financial growth and achievements.

90. I am blessed to have the means to create the life I desire.

91. Every dollar I earn and spend is a reminder of my abundance.

92. I am grateful for the opportunities that allow me to earn money ethically and authentically.

93. I celebrate every step of my financial journey with gratitude.

94. I am grateful for the wealth and prosperity that continuously flow to me.

Money affirmations about reaching a specific dream

95. I am now earning a large income doing what I love to do.

96. I am a wealthy entrepreneur who is living life on my own terms.

97. All of my debt is paid off, and my savings is growing.

98. My financial future is secure.

99. I can purchase anything in the world.

100. My finances improve beyond my dreams.

101. My riches allow me to help others.

102. I have more than enough money to help the important people in my life.

103. My dreams are coming true.

104. I do great things with my fortune.

105. I can retire early.

106. My success is necessary.

107. I experience financial freedom easily.

108. I am financially free.

109. I am the first millionaire in my family.

110. I am a self-made millionaire.

111. My income doubles every time I check my bank balance.

112. I am focused on my financial goals and take consistent action to achieve them.

Money affirmations about how having money is healthy

113. I use money to better my life and the lives of others.

114. Money is a tool that allows me to live a fulfilling life and help others.

115. Money allows me to live a life I love.

116. Money creates a positive impact in my life.

117. Money is the root of joy and comfort.

affirmations for abundance and prosperity

118. Money is an endless resource.

119. I love money because it is always there for me.

120. Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences.

121. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony.

122. Money frees me.

123. Money amplifies life experiences and opportunities.

124. I love and respect money.

125. Money and love can be friends.

126. Money is a reflection of my ability to create value and contribute to the world.

127. Having money empowers me to support causes and organizations that align with my values.

128. Money enables me to invest in my personal growth and well-being.

129. I am grateful for the financial abundance that allows me to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

130. Money is a source of freedom and liberation, not a source of stress.

131. I embrace financial success as a natural and positive outcome of my efforts.

132. Money enhances my ability to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

133. I release any guilt or negative associations with having wealth, understanding its positive potential.

134. Money allows me to explore the world, expanding my horizons and experiences.

135. I am open to receiving the financial abundance I deserve, without reservation.

136. Money serves as a tool for self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

137. My financial prosperity contributes to my overall well-being and happiness.

138. Money supports my ability to create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

139. I am worthy of both spiritual growth and financial success.

140. My financial abundance is a blessing that I use for good in the world.

141. Money aligns with my intentions to lead a joyful and prosperous life.

142. Having money enables me to provide for my loved ones and secure their well-being.

143. I embrace wealth as a natural state that enhances my overall health and vitality.

144. I attract financial abundance by embodying a positive and healthy mindset.

145. Money is a powerful instrument that enriches my journey and experiences.

146. I embrace the idea that having money aligns with my highest potential.

147. I release any limiting beliefs that suggest money and well-being cannot coexist.

Money affirmations about being in control of money

148. Money is my servant.

149. I control my money.

150. I am an excellent money manager.

151. I am the master of my wealth.

152. I am able to handle large sums of money.

affirmations for success and wealth

153. I am at peace with having a lot of money.

154. I can handle massive success with grace.

155. I monitor my money management skills and am open to new ways of managing money.

156. I am worthy of wealth, regardless of my past experiences.

157. I manage my money wisely and responsibly.

158. I make informed and strategic financial decisions.

159. I am a disciplined saver and investor.

160. I follow a budget that aligns with my financial aspirations.

161. I am organized and proactive in managing my financial affairs.

162. I make choices that contribute to my long-term financial success.

163. I am constantly increasing my financial literacy and knowledge.

164. I am confident in my ability to handle any financial situation that arises.

165. I am committed to building wealth through smart money management.

Final Thoughts on Money Affirmations That Work Quickly

When you’ve decided on a few money affirmations, you should start thinking about money goals.

Affirmations mean nothing without action. You need to put a plan in place to make that affirmation a reality.

You can get inspiration from this list of 8 personal finance goals that are achievable for even the busiest of people.

If you’re interested in more personal finance wisdom, here are money quotes that changed my life.

If you’re looking for a bit of humor, here are funny money quotes and one-liners that are fun to read!

If you’re looking for something more meaty, here are the:

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Money affirmations that work fast

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