Free Baby Samples

Yes – if you’re a new or expecting mother, you’re eligible to receive free baby things!

Many of these freebies you can get just by registering online. The gifts will be sent by mail. And you don’t have to fill out surveys!

Where and how can I get free baby stuff?

There are many companies giving away baby free stuff. You might be surprised to find out that this list is long!


Companies believe you’ll love their products once you try them. Regardless of if you make a purchase, these are yours – free and clear.

There are also many ways to get free baby items from members in your local area.

Let’s get started!

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Free baby stuff

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18 Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff

1. Complete Baby Registries

Even if you’re not planning on having a baby shower, it’s still worthwhile to complete baby registries.

What’s the incentive?

You usually get a

  • Welcome gift bag (with FREE samples and coupons) AND
  • Discounts to buy anything leftover from your registry

What baby registries give free gifts?

Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon Baby Registry provides you with a 10% discount on select items from your registry, 60 days before your child’s arrival date. If you are an Amazon Prime member, the discount is 15%! The discount will only apply to one transaction so you would have to buy all the items you want discounted at the same time.

Amazon Prime also comes with 20% off diapers and baby food when you have more than 5 subscriptions.

The best part about this membership: 2 day FREE shipping and FREE access to movies, TV shows, music and books. You no longer have to worry about last minute items. You can cancel your other movie, music and book subscription services!

You can always get the Amazon Prime 30 day FREE trial, which you can cancel at anytime.

Amazon also sends you a baby registry welcome gift box if you meet certain requirements.

To be eligible for the welcome gift box, you must be a Prime Member and spent a minimum amount from your registry, which can be from yourself or others ($10 in the US or $25 in Canada). If you’re in Canada, you must also have at least 20 items added to your registry.

Here are the specific eligibility requirements in the US. Here are the eligibility requirements in Canada.

Free Things for New Moms


Target provides a 15% registry completion discount. You’ll also get four additional coupons you can share with family and friends! You’ll also get a welcome gift full of totally FREE baby samples!

buybuy Baby

buybuy Baby has a welcome goodie bag of samples. There’s also a 15% registry completion discount!

If you’re purchasing anything from Amazon, Target or buybuy Baby, go through Rakuten (formerly Ebates) first!

You could get up to 40% of your purchase price back! Rakuten is FREE to sign up and

You can read more about how to use Rakuten here!

2. Free Baby Clothing

Here are companies offering free baby clothes (you only have to pay for shipping):

  • Baby Shoes – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $60 off = up to 2 pairs
  • Custom Baby Onesies – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = up to 2 onesies
  • Eskimo Hats – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 1 hat
Baby Freebies for Expecting Parents
  • Ruffle Underwear – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $60 off = up to 2 pairs of ruffle underwear
  • Baby Leg Warmers – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = up to 5 leggings. Alternatively, you can use the same link to get 5 free bandanas.
Newborn Free Stuff

3. Free Diapers

How do you get diapers for free?

There are many diapers companies that offer initial and member bonuses when you register with them. Some have rewards programs with points systems – once you reach a certain level, you can redeem for FREE diapers.

It’s also worthwhile to check out their offers and coupons sections!

  • Honest Company – Get the FREE trial diapers and wipes discovery kit. It includes 5 diapers and 10 wipes. You only have to pay for shipping. By signing up for this discovery kit, you’re automatically subscribed to their diapers and wipes bundle subscription. If you don’t want to subscribe, cancel the subscription within 7 days of receiving the free kit!
  • Natural Baby Company – Get 100 points for signing up with their rewards program
  • Huggies – Get 500 points for signing up with their rewards program. If you’re in Canada, you can also get FREE diapers and wipes for your newborn through their No Baby Unhugged Program. If your child is over 4 weeks old, you’ll receive coupons instead.
  • Pampers – Get 200 points for registering and downloading the rewards app
  • Luvs – Check out their coupon and enter their diapers for a year giveaway contest

There might also be diaper banks in your area if you’re an eligible low income family. You can contact the National Diaper Bank Network for more information.

4. Free Baby Books

Babsy Books offers board books – which have a thick cardboard-feel. This durable material is ideal to withstand chewing and ripping from your little ones. By entering mommoneymap1 as the coupon code, you can get 5 free books ($40 value). You only have to pay for shipping.

Through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, kids can get 1 free book each month from birth to 5 years old. This program has been around since 1995 and is available in multiple countries.

To get started, go to their site, find the program in your area, and follow the steps to enroll your child. If the program is not available in your area, you can provide your contact information to receive notification when it does become available.

Baby Free Stuff

Amazon has many free kid’s books for Kindle users. Search under the Kindle library for children’s books and sort them by price to see what’s free. You can also sort it by category.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can borrow free books through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. You can borrow 1 book a month. You can sign up for a FREE 30 day Amazon membership to try it out.

There are a lot of online resources that offer free kid’s books you can read online. Some even offer free PDF downloads.

  • Free Kids Books – There’s a wide variety of books from picture books to coloring books.
  • – There are lots of classics like Peter Rabbit and the Story of the Three Little Pigs.
  • Project Gutenburg – Offers over 58,000 free ebooks.

If you can’t use these options, borrow books from your local library! Some libraries have books they’re giving away or selling for cheap prices to make room for new books. You can ask the librarian if there are any free books available.

5. Free Formula

Baby Freebies for New Moms

Register with formula companies and get free baby products and coupons:

6. Free Baby Food

Sign up with these baby food companies and get offers and coupons:

  • Gerber – Gerber’s offer section has FREE gifts with purchase.
  • Heinz – The Heinz Baby Club offers coupons, sample trials for new products, and monthly emails with prize giveaways.

7. Other Free Baby Products

These companies are giving away free products (you only have to pay for shipping):

  • Baby Sling – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $40 off = 1 baby sling
  • Hooded Towels – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 1 hooded towel
  • Custom Pacifiers – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = up to 5 custom pacifiers
  • NFL, MLB and NCAA Baby Products – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 2 bibs + 1 pair of shoes. Or you can get some combination of pacifiers, bottles, plates, bowl, cutlery, sippy cups, security blankets and carseat canopies.
  • Car Seat Canopy – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = 1 car seat canopy
Free Baby Stuff for Parents

Pea to Pumpkin offers a FREE printable for each monthly milestone – from month 1 to month 12.

C’Mon Get Crafty offers FREE printable baby book pages to record those early days and memories.

Baby Box University provides FREE online courses for new parents. When you complete them, you get a FREE baby box, which is an alternative to a crib.

Noobie Box offers a pregnancy gift box with FREE baby samples. Shipping is extra. It’s a one-time gift per mom. The box content varies. It currently includes diapers, wipes, baby ointment, moisturizer, nursing pads, milk storage bags, breastfeeding drink mix, lanolin, liners, a bottle, and a pacifier.

Mam Baby Club offers a FREE pregnancy calendar, baby development calendar and product testing opportunities.

If you’re in Canada, there’s a London Drugs Baby Welcome Package, which contains a bunch of baby samples. You’ll get issued a coupon, which you’ll have to claim in store.

8. Check the FREE section in online marketplaces

Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale, Reddit – they all have a FREE section with 100% free baby stuff.

Stuff usually goes fast! It’s worth monitoring, especially if you’re less particular about the condition of items. You can always post “Wanted” ads to see if anyone in your community is willing to part with something for free. It never hurts to ask!

There are also a lot of local Facebook groups with moms and dads in your community that are giving away free things. You probably want to focus on the mom/mama or dad groups.

To find these specific groups, when you’re in Facebook, search “buy and sell” or “mom” or “dad” and your town or city. They usually post an ad saying that the baby goods are on the curbside and it’s first come first served!

Baby Freebies

Another excellent resource is Freecycle. It’s a network of groups by location. Membership is free.

As a member, you can GIVE OR GET ITEMS FOR FREE. I love that Freecycle is about gifting and waste reduction. If you no longer need the item, you can always list it back on Freecycle and give back to the community.

You can also use Nextdoor. It’s a local neighborhood resource. People usually use it to sell goods or find out about local events, but you might see free baby stuff on occasion.

9. Ask your doctor for free samples

Manufacturers give many free samples to doctors. They know that if doctors give it to patients, their brand name will be considered trusted and they can get future sales when the free sample runs out.

This is how I was introduced to getting Vitamin D for my infant. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for a variety of brands so you can try out what works best!

10. Have a baby shower

Free Baby Stuff for New and Expecting Parents

A Baby Shower is a great way to celebrate your upcoming new arrival! You’ll also get baby products you don’t have to purchase yourself!

Just remember to send your baby registry to the person organizing the event so that you get what you need and minimize duplicates.

11. Breastfeed

Free Newborn Stuff

I know breastfeeding can be painful!

There were many nights when I felt like quitting. It took me at least a month to start feeling OKAY with breastfeeding. And then another month or two to really start LOVING the breastfeeding experience (yes I couldn’t believe it myself, but it actually got to that point!).

If you can stick it out, there are many health benefits to breastfeeding for mothers and newborns. Breastfeeding is also good for your wallet! You save so much on formula, bottles, nipples and bottle cleaning products!

Here are FREE breastfeeding products (you only have to pay for shipping) to help you through the more difficult initial months:

  • Breast Pads – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 20 reusable, 100% cotton, and machine washable breast pads
  • Nursing Cover – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $35 off = 1 nursing cover
  • Nursing Pillow – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $40 off = 1 nursing pillow
Free Newborn Samples for Expecting Parents

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12. Free mom products

Here are companies offering free mom products (you only have to pay for shipping):

  • Belly Button Band – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $40 off = 2 belly button bands
  • Pregnancy Pillow – enter mommoneymap1 as the coupon code to get $50 off = 1 pregnancy pillow
Baby Freebies by Mail

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13. Check your employer benefits

Your employer might have benefits that are applicable like a discount on daycare.

I’ve heard other moms get a FREE breast pump from their employer insurance provider. Good quality breast pumps can be $150+. I’ve heard this Ameda Purely Yours breast pump is often the one that’s covered.

Don’t forget to check with your insurance provider to see if this or other newborn products or services are covered. I’ve heard lactation consultants and speech therapists (Yes – you can help your kid with speech development if required.) can sometimes also be covered.

14. Go to free mom and baby classes

In my community, you can easily spend over $15/class on mom and baby yoga or baby swim classes. This adds up if you’re going to a class a day, 5 days a week.

There are many completely FREE activities for parents and babies at the library, churches, and through local community events.

Ask other moms what activities they go to. Look on Facebook for a “mom group” in your local community. The local mom Facebook group was my go-to resource during maternity leave.

You could also just take your baby for walks and hikes. Go to the park or walk a trail together.

Newborn Freebies

15. Ask your family and friends

Ask your family and friends to borrow items. Often if they’ve recently had kids, you might even get the hand me downs for free.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking to borrow, buy the items! These are the best items to get because

  • you’ll often get a great family/friend discount
  • you can absolutely trust the item’s condition because you know who the original owner is

Your family and friends will probably also have a wealth of information on how to save money for a newborn! Ask them for their best money saving tips.

16. Check the FREE section at Yard Sales

Yard sales are a great way to get cheap baby stuff. You can find yard sales advertised through street signs and searching “yard sale” or “garage sale” and your local city or town on Google.

At the end of a yard sale (usually around 2-3 pm on a Saturday during yard sale season – May-September), you can occasionally get free stuff that’s left out by the curbside.

Families don’t want to lug items back into the house. This especially applies to big items like baby furniture, swings or play pens.

I’ve gotten loads of free baby items this way.

Related: If you want to host your own yard sale, you can put that money towards baby stuff. It’s both a great way to make money quickly as well as get rid of the stuff you’re no longer using. Here are tips on how to host a yard sale successfully.

17. Go to a swap party with moms

A swap party is an excellent opportunity to get free baby stuff!

What’s a swap party?

It’s an event for a group of friends to get together to trade items. There are rules so that it’s fair and fun for everyone.

Since you know where the baby products are coming from, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting things in good condition.

This is one of my favorite ways to shop because:

  • It’s FREE – you don’t have to spend any money.
  • You can get rid of your clutter.

You can turn your unused goods into baby things you actually need!

Just make sure you’re attending a swap party with moms with young children!

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18. Check out a local community curbside giveaway

My community does this a few times a year. It’s a great way to get free baby stuff and other essentials for your family.

What happens in my community is that every household is invited to put out their goods on the curb for 12 hours. Anything that’s not picked up has to be brought back inside.

I’ve participated in 2 of these and gotten a lot of goods from it including baby toys and books in mint condition.

If you don’t have a community curbside giveaway, you should make this suggestion to your town or city. It’s a great way for families to do some decluttering and for other families to get items they want for free.

Additional Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff

19. Make more money

Ultimately, there are only so many ways to get free baby things. If your financial situation is difficult and you want to be able to afford baby stuff, you have to consider making more money.

There are many ways to earn a side income. For example, you can get an additional work from home job that’s flexible for moms like being a Virtual Assistant. Here are 10+ legitimate work from home jobs for moms.

If you’re just aiming to make an extra $100/month, you can become a pet sitter like this mom who became a dog sitter through Rover. Here are other ways to make money quickly.

20. Save money

Another way to get free baby things is to cut expenses.

Scan through your expenses and see where you can trim costs.

For example, you can eliminate your home phone if you already have a cell phone. You can substitute your cable for Netflix or rent DVDs from the library for free.

If you’re looking for additional ideas, here are 18 things I stopped buying every day to save money.

Another idea is to go through a no spend challenge, which is when you don’t spend money for a certain period of time. I highly recommend this exercise as it forces you to be creative to get around not spending money.

Final Thoughts on Free Baby Things

There are many ways to get free baby stuff. You can try all of these options or just a few that you feel comfortable with.

Good luck with your free baby items search!

free baby samples

Recap of Free Baby Samples

  1. Complete Baby Registries
  2. Free Baby Clothing
  3. Free Diapers
  4. Free Baby Books
  5. Free Formula
  6. Free Baby Food
  7. Other Free Baby Products
  8. Check the FREE section in online marketplaces
  9. Ask your doctor for Free samples
  10. Have a baby shower
  11. Breastfeed
  12. Free mom products
  13. Check your employer benefits
  14. Go to Free mom and baby classes
  15. Ask your family and friends
  16. Check the free section at Yard Sales
  17. Go to a swap party with moms
  18. Check out a local community curbside giveaway

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