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Proofread Anywhere Review: Interview with a Graduate

Review of Proofread Anywhere

You’re interested in working from home as a proofreader. Perhaps it’s because you’ve heard about Caitlin Pyle making $40,000 working only part-time as a proofreader.

You’ve heard about Caitlin’s course Proofread Anywhere, which claims to help people successfully start their proofreading business.

However, you just don’t feel comfortable and secure spending your money on this proofreading course.

You have questions:

Is Proofread Anywhere worth it? Is Proofread Anywhere legit?

In this post, I’ve interviewed a graduate from the Proofread Anywhere course to get a full review.

Before we jump into that interview, here are fundamental details about the course so you know the content, cost, timing and who should be taking it.

Let’s get started!

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What is Proofread Anywhere?

Proofread Anywhere teaches the essential skills on how to create and manage a successful proofreading business. This includes how to:

  • Professionally proofread from the fundamentals to best practices
  • Successfully set up a proofreading business including setting up rates and incorporating your business
  • Grow, market your business and find quality clients
  • Communicate effectively with your clients so you keep them

It’s an online program so you can complete it at your own pace given your lifestyle and situation. Some complete it in 1-4 months depending on the course. After completing the program, some get their first client in under 1 month!

If you want to get a taste for the course, check out their FREE intro workshop here that teaches you the basics of proofreading and how to be a successful freelance proofreader.

Who is Proofread Anywhere for?

Proofread Anywhere and the online proofreading career are right for people who:

  1. Have a knack for catching typos, grammar and spelling errors. For example, if you’re reading a book or a menu, you should have the natural ability to notice a misspelled word. While Proofread Anywhere teaches you proofreading skills, it’s best if you already have that detail-oriented eye.
  2. Love to read. For example, one of your hobbies is reading books, newspapers, blogs etc. There’s a lot of reading involved with proofreading so if this isn’t something you like, a proofreading career is not for you.
  3. Can work from home. This means you should have a computer or tablet.
  4. Are ready to learn and build a business. Proofread Anywhere will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know to run a successful proofreading business. The course will provide you with the tools, practice and support and hold your hand throughout the process. To get the most value from the course and successfully build your proofreading business, you still have to put the work in and follow through on the steps carefully.
How much does Caitlin Pyle's proofreading course cost?

You can be a stay-at-home mom, a student, a retiree, or someone who’s already working a 9-5 job. Many come to the course because they’re looking for more freedom and flexibility to create their own working schedule while making an income.

As long as you fit the above criteria, you’re a good fit for this course and an online proofreading career.

Just to confirm:

  • You DON’T need a degree in English or journalism or have any experience with proofreading or running a business. You should be familiar with written and spoken English. Otherwise, you might struggle.
  • You DON’T have to be in the United States. This course applies to anyone in the world from Canada to the U.K. who is interested in a proofreading career in English. You should know the Proofread Anywhere courses primarily teach you how to proofread in American English. However, there is a module on American vs. British spelling and punctuation variations.
  • You DON’T have to be tech-savvy. You should be able to operate a computer at a basic level.

What if you have a degree in English or journalism or experience with proofreading? Is this course right for you?

This course can still be useful.

While you have a great head start with knowledge and experience, there are best practices and tactics with proofreading you might not know. You want to have mastered proofreading before you even think of starting a proofreading business.

Most importantly, this course teaches you how to start a proofreading business successfully including marketing it and getting quality clients. This is essential to your success.

What if you hate marketing and selling yourself?

Then this course is definitely for you.

Proofread Anywhere teaches the many traditional and social methods and areas to connect with potential clients. Some of them are less direct and might not feel like you’re selling.

As a business owner, you need to know how to professionally market yourself and effectively display your knowledge and skills.

What does Proofread Anywhere cover?

There are 2 primary courses:

  • General Proofreading
  • Transcript Proofreading

Both of them are online. You don’t have to attend classes every day. You go through the course when it works for your schedule.

With both courses, I’ve heard many students say that one of the best parts is access to the private Facebook group. You get to connect with fellow students, share questions, get feedback, and learn from successful proofreaders.

What’s the difference between the 2 proofreading courses?

If you’re interested in proofreading books and articles, you’ll want to take the General Proofreading course.

If you want to niche down and learn specifically about proofreading court transcripts, check out the Transcript Proofreading Course. This course is much more technical as you’re looking for different types of errors.

Which proofreading course is right for me?

If you’re new to proofreading and particularly if you don’t want to narrow down your focus, you can start with the General Proofreading course.

Later on, if you want to expand and focus your skills, you can take the Transcript Proofreading course.

With the completion of the General Proofreading course, you’ll get Level 1 of the Transcript Proofreading course free – a $77* savings. As a transcript proofreader, you can charge a higher rate.

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Proofread Anywhere’s General Proofreading Course

Here’s the breakdown on the General Proofreading course. It takes on average under 1 month to complete.

The course contains 40+ lessons through REAL LIFE examples including:

  • proofreading methods and practice tests
  • proofreading terminology and common errors
  • proofreading niches and what the most profitable niches are
  • how to build your website and resume as well as set rates
  • how to find clients and work with their preferences
  • how to bill clients
  • how typical proofreaders structure their day

Students receive a lifetime access to course content including all updates to the curriculum.

There are also bonuses! Here are 4 freelance resource guides that are included in the course:

Is online proofreading legit?

You’ll also get access to the new Money Mindset Transformation workshop and workbook. This course is worth $97.

It includes seven concepts that will transform the way you think about money forever. The secret to making more money probably isn’t what you think it is!

Proofread Anywhere’s Transcript Proofreading Course

Here’s the breakdown on the Transcript Proofreading course.

Transcript proofreading skills take longer to master. This course takes around 2-4 months to complete.

There are 9 modules and 60 units of theory, practice and examinations.

The course is completed in 4 levels. There are quizzes and exams in each level, which you have to successfully complete before you’re able to move onto the next level.

Here’s an overview of the 4 levels:

  1. Level 1: Introduction to Transcript Proofreading including the anatomy of a transcript (access for 7 days)
  2. Level 2: The nuts and bolts of transcripts including formatting, commonly misused words, a list of common legal terms (access for an additional 30 days)
  3. Level 3: Marking up transcripts and practice including learning 4 methods to properly correct transcripts, doing 50 practice jobs (including medical), which is 3120 practice pages (access for an additional 60 days)
  4. Level 4: Corresponding within the court reporting profession and marketing your business (LIFETIME ACCESS to all levels and modules including all updates)

How much does Proofread Anywhere cost?

Proofread Anywhere is not cheap. When you see the price, you’ll probably be shocked too!

Currently, the General Proofreading course costs $497*.

The enhanced General Proofreading course costs $597* and includes everything in the General Proofreading course plus:

  • A hand-graded exam
  • A certificate of completion
  • A listing in the Self-Publishing School (SPS) Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex
  • Membership in a separate marketing mastermind group specifically for PA General Proofreaders with verified skills

The Transcript Proofreading course costs $1174*. There are opportunities to save up to $230 for taking action immediately after completion of each level.

It’s broken down into 4 levels:

  1. Level 1: $77
  2. Level 2: $197
  3. Level 3: $400
  4. Level 4: $500

Just to clarify, you don’t pay the full tuition all at once. You pay for each level as you proceed through the program.

They do this because as you go through the levels, they want you to be certain you want to be a transcript proofreader before investing in the full course.

*These prices might have changed since this article was published.

There’s no doubt these are high prices to pay.

One thing I’ve realized is that education is the best investment you can make.

No one can take knowledge away from you. With my MBA and Bachelor of Commerce, I’ve easily spent over $70,000 in education. With that knowledge, I’ve gotten that money back many times over.

This course is no different, but it’s way less expensive.

It’s also very actionable.

With Proofread Anywhere, you’re increasing your earning capacity. You can add proofreading as an income stream and have more flexibility and freedom in your life. You can perhaps even quit your 9-5 job if that’s your goal and you’re willing to work hard towards it.

Proofread Anywhere Review

In this interview, Holly shares why she selected Proofread Anywhere, what’s the most valuable knowledge she gained in the course and what’s missing, as well as how long it took to get her first client and make her money back from the course.

Her insights are invaluable for anyone considering Proofread Anywhere.

Proofread Anywhere Course Review
Holly Tiller

 How did you become a Proofreader?

My background is diverse. I’ve done everything from receptionist to billing specialist to data analyst.

I quit my full-time job in late 2016 to homeschool my youngest son. After we had some fun and spent time deschooling, I began researching ways to earn an income from home.

I stumbled across Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere course, and I fell in love with the idea! I started the course right away (early 2017) and have been proofreading since.

Why did you select Proofread Anywhere?

I chose Proofread Anywhere because Caitlin’s story resonated with me. She was an inspiration.

I also felt that there was a lot of positive feedback regarding her course. It appeared to be a legitimate opportunity to learn how to proofread efficiently.

What’s the most valuable knowledge or training you learned at Proofread Anywhere?

The most valuable knowledge I received from Proofread Anywhere was that training is essential.

We may think we have what it takes to be a proofreader, but there are always areas where we lack. Polishing up skills and relearning what I’ve forgotten really helped to solidify my knowledge.

I’m sure I would have had an epic fail without the course! The worksheets at the end of the course were great practice and helped showcase what areas I still needed to study.

Is there anything you felt was missing in the Proofread Anywhere course?

I was going to say more support, but then I remembered every time I emailed with a question, they would respond quickly.

You can also join the Facebook group for social support. It’s a great resource to bounce ideas around or ask questions.

How long did it take you to attain work in the field and make your money back from the course?

I was in the middle of interviewing for a couple of opportunities on Upwork when I finished the course. I secured both of them immediately after finishing.

The first one was a book, and the second one was a company I am still working with today. They have expanded my responsibilities beyond just proofreading! I recovered the cost of the course within my first month.

What is your favorite part about being a Proofreader?

I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I love making things shine. I love making good things great.

What is your biggest challenge in this role?

I second-guess myself way too much. (Does that look right? Does that sound funny?) It’s really annoying!

What is a typical day for you?

I only have two clients right now.

I’ve been working with my newest client since September 2019. While I don’t proofread for them, they were interested in me because of my proofreading skills (thanks, Caitlin!). (I still find mistakes for them in their writing, though!) I start my day early for this client since they are on the east coast and I’m on the west coast.

My other client (the one I mentioned earlier), I can work on whenever I want. I still have due dates, but as long as I get them done before then, I can work on it whenever I have time.

Both clients are flexible, so I can run out for errands, appointments, long walks, or whatever else I want to do.

What are your top tips for being successful as a Proofreader?

Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. If this is something you want to do, it’s up to you to make it happen. A course will give you the skills, but nothing can replace self-determination.

A big thanks to Holly for her insight on Proofread Anywhere and the online proofreading career!

If you’d like more information about Proofread Anywhere, enroll in the FREE training providing an insider’s look. After you complete the workshop, you’ll be able to assess whether a proofreading career is for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creator of Proofread Anywhere Caitlin Pyle, you can read about her proofreading story here.

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