Pinterest Virtual Assistant: How to make $30+/hour from home

How do you become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

If you’re both a heavy Pinterest user (2+ hours/day) and in need of a flexible work-from-home job, being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant might be the right fit for you.

But how do you get started?

How to become a Pinterest account manager

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Here’s the quickest way:

It was created by Gina Horkey (a successful Virtual Assistant and founder of the course Fully Booked VA) and Kristin Larsen (a successful Pinterest VA).

Within 5 months, Kristen Larsen took her blog from 3600 to 159,000 page views through Pinterest! She then started helping other bloggers grow their Pinterest traffic by being their Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Now she’s sharing her secrets to success as a Pinterest VA in this course.

There are many success stories from students in the course.

Here’s 1 video interviewing a student in the course who was able to quit her 9-5 and be a Pinterest VA full-time in 9 months. Check out her inspiring story!

pinterest virtual assistant

If you want to learn more about being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to see if it’s the right fit for you…read on!

This article covers the ins and outs of being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant including an interview with another successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Let’s dive right in!

What is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant helps businesses manage their Pinterest account. This could involve:

  • Designing pins
  • Pinning at optimal times
  • Creating relevant boards with keyworded descriptions

There are many different terms for this role: Pinterest Virtual Assistant, Pinterest VA, Pinterest Manager, Pinterest Account Manager. Just know that they’re one in the same!

Is there demand for Pinterest Virtual Assistants?

Businesses need Pinterest. There are over 250 million people on Pinterest with 84% using Pinterest to make a buying decision.

As businesses grow, they need Pinterest Virtual Assistants to not just maintain their account, but to bring it to the next level.

How do you make $30+/hour as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I’m excited to share an interview with Yi Ming Lai, Founder of Insane Freedom.

Within 3 months of starting her Pinterest virtual assistant business, she landed her first client. 2 months later, she was able to quit her part-time job and do this full-time. =

She now makes over $3500/month working 30 hours per week. She makes over $30/hour and it’s only getting higher!

In this interview, she shares how she became a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, how to get clients, a typical day, and other great advice for people looking to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

become a pinterest virtual assistant
Yi Ming, Founder of Insane Freedom

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pinterest account manager

Yi Ming, how did you become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I was a piano teacher for 8 years before changing careers to doing Pinterest. I studied Bachelors of Music Performance in 2010, graduated in 2015 and moved from Malaysia to Sydney in 2010.

I had a degree in both Piano and Vocals performance. To make ends meet as a musician, I would do piano accompaniment, piano and vocal teaching as well as lead music groups for babies and toddlers.

After about 6 years doing this, I started getting really burnt out.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I’ve always dreamed of working for myself, but did not know where to start. I’ve always wanted to be a blogger but kept failing to make money. In 2018, I finally had enough of my job at the time.

I was earning a low part-time income and hated my toxic work environment. Although I did enjoy piano teaching a lot, the stresses of the job and the high living cost of Sydney made me depressed.

In April 2018, I stumbled upon Pinterest Virtual Assisting while looking up “work at home jobs” on Pinterest. I read an article by Holly from Work At Home Woman and was fascinated.

I then discovered the course “Become A Pinterest VA Today!” and bought it when the course opened for enrolment. Around this time, I also launched my blog Insane Freedom and made about $1000 from it.

how to be a pinterest virtual assistant

How much do you make per month as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Now I make at least $3500 a month as a Pinterest VA.

I work around 30 hours a week, with one subcontractor doing some tasks for me. I’m in the process of hiring more subcontractors to help me with my growing work load.

How do you get clients as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I only started doing this full time in August 2018 after I quit my part-time piano teaching job.

I landed my first client in June, after posting on Instagram saying that I was offering Pinterest VA services.

She offered me $75 for the first month, and then introduced me to my second client who was HER client. My first client was a copywriter who gave me a chance, so that she could offer my services to her client who sells handmade earrings.

Pinterest VA

When it comes to getting clients, I now get leads through Upwork and from my own website.

In the past, I would provide value on Facebook groups and network through there. I also joined the paid Facebook group called Pinterest VA offered by Kristin and Gina from the Become A Pinterest VA Today course.

What is a typical day for you?

A typical day for me would be working 2-3 hours in the morning, then 2 hours break for lunch and coffee. I usually head out for a cup of coffee and eat out, then continue work for another 2 hours at cafes or libraries.

Sometimes I work longer hours depending on my work load or my mood. I work 5-6 days a week, but generally have the whole weekend off.

What is your favorite thing about being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

My favourite thing about being a Pinterest VA is the freedom.

Pinterest Account Manager

I get to choose who I work with, fire clients who are demanding as well as decide how much money I make. That’s the best part!

In the past, I could not enjoy time with my family as much as I wanted. Being a piano teacher, I would come home at 9pm(I teach from 3-8pm) and had to always skip dinner.

I also did not have time off work whenever I needed it as I was a contractor and not an employee so I did not have annual leave or any employment benefits.

What is your biggest challenge as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

My biggest challenge I would say is the work load.

Right now I have 11 clients and they all demand a lot of my attention. The amount of work that is required for Pinterest marketing is exhausting.

If I focus on having too many clients, then I’m exhausted by the middle of the week. But if I chase high ticket clients, each one will require a lot of work from me too.

So, my biggest challenge now is to balance my work with my daily life. I’m a very ambitious person and want to achieve my income goals, so I keep trying to get clients even when I have a full plate!

What kind of person is a good fit to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A person who is a good fit for this role would be someone who’s

  • detail-oriented
  • a self-starter
  • willing to learn
  • great organisation and time management skills
Pinterest careers

I recommend the course Become A Pinterest VA Today! because it taught me everything from how to create my packages and pricing to pitching potential leads to land paying clients!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for anyone who wants to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

My number one advice for an aspiring Pinterest VA would be to INVEST time and money into learning Pinterest skills, have packages and website ready, spend some time thinking about how many hours you want to work, how you’re going to woo clients as well as keep hustling everyday until you make it.

There’s still a huge demand for Pinterest virtual assisting and management out there, but make sure you do quality work and the rest will come. Focus on building a reputation, give value to your potential clients and they will want to hire you. Don’t be all sales-y in the beginning.

You have to give before you can receive.

Thanks Yi Ming for your advice and thoughts!

If you’re interested in hearing from ANOTHER successful Pinterest Manager, here’s my interview with Megan Haskin.

Here are my favorite Pinterest resources:

If you’re interested in learning how to use Pinterest for your business, these resources will help!

Tailwind: I love Tailwind because I can:

  • Schedule my pins a few weeks out which saves me so much time
  • Share my pins with tribe members and get on larger boards that I would have never otherwise been able to access
  • Study the Tailwind board and pin analytics, especially the board analytics to see which boards have higher engagement. This is crucial because if you pin to a low engagement board and don’t get repins, Pinterest will recognize your pin as not worth sharing.

Pinteresting Strategies: This is an excellent course on manual pinning that actually got me my first affiliate sale! It’s taught by Carly Campbell who earns over $10,000 per month blogging. In her 7th month, she had over 200,000 page views.

This course covers everything about Pinterest. From setting up your profile and boards for success to what makes a pin do well on Pinterest. It goes well beyond the basics.

She shows you her Pinterest strategy. In a video, she goes through exactly step by step how to pin including where to find the best pins to repin. She goes through what a typical Pinterest session is for her.

Everything in the course is valuable, but her Pinterest routine is the gold nugget you need to watch!

Other work from home success stories

Other ways to make some money from home

If you only want to earn a little bit of side cash quickly and easily each day, here’s a list of legitimate survey companies with user-friendly sites that I’ve personally tried and liked:

The more companies you join, the more surveys you’ll qualify for taking. If you like taking surveys and being able to voice your opinion and know that it’ll make a difference with brands and products, taking surveys might be right up your alley.

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